Our mission


For 20 years, we have been committed to making teaching and collaboration more interactive. As champions of French tech, we have already equipped thousands classrooms and meeting rooms in France.

Our goal is to have a positive influence on society and to transform the impact that digital has on the lives of everyone, young and old alike.

Teachers, trainers, managers, agile collaborators, professors… Speechi and its partners are there to offer them innovative tools and software to improve everyday life.


55 employees in Speechi Team

55 employees

64,650 touchscreens installed

64,650 screens installed

Speechi leader touchscreen in France

20 years of expertise

Our team, the experts



Creation and development of Speechi software

Speechi started out as an educational software package that allowed students to prepare, add media and share their lessons on the internet or on an interactive whiteboard.


Import of the first interactive whiteboard in France

We moved from the software to the hardware after discovering the eBeam IWB. Fascinated by this incredible educational technology, we imported it to France and equiped thousands of classrooms and meeting rooms.


Design of the first SpeechiTouch screen

After the interactive whiteboard, we were among the first to bring the interactive screen to France with an extra touch: we designed them with an Android core.


Launch of SuperGlass and Capacitive interactive displays

To go beyond what was possible with infrared touch technology, we developed SuperGlass technology and imported capacitive screens.

2020 - 2023

First steps towards a 100% connected screen

Constant Innovation, Endless Progression. We have integrated cloud and facial recognition into SpeechiTouch. We customise your screens. And tomorrow we will create a powerful video interface. So wait and see !

Our team, the experts

Twenty years ago, Thierry Klein, the founder of Speechi, was already convinced that digital technology could improve the daily lives of teachers and professionals. He based his company on this philosophy.

Today, we number more than 50 developers, creators and inventors, all sharing this conviction.


    A boundless, innovative force

    Our Production and Technical Division, like all of our teams, has innovation at the heart of its values and is constantly working towards the future connected screen.

    partnership Speechi

    Special support for our partners

    We have set up a team of experts and sales people for our European partners, present at every stage of the projects they wish to launch.

    Speechi team is creative about touchscreens

    Creativity through interaction

    At Speechi, we are in the business of collaboration! Our never-ending inventiveness is the result of continuous teamwork.

    European partnership

    A network of partners in the heart of Europe

    Speechi’s origins lie in Lille, a city in Northern France at the crossroads of Europe, with a second technological showroom in Paris.

    The window on our showrooms is always open for you, thanks to our Huddle Room, connected to the whole world via videoconference.

    We are also present all across Europe through our network of resellers and partners.

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