Improve students engagement with SpeechiTouch

The interactive display in the classroom engages your students
Réduire le nombre d'outils dans sa salle de classe grâce à l'écran interactifSalle de réunion 2.0: écran Android pour visio réussies

Whiteboard – Projector – Laptop

Replace and enhance your old teaching tools

Infinite whiteboard, touchscreen computer and giant workspace, the interactive display is stand-alone, more intuitive and also more comprehensive to transform your classroom into a fully connected classroom.

Interactive display

Simple to use,
easy to set up

The interactive touchscreen brings together all the strengths of your old tools in one place while offering a unique, innovative and much more comprehensive solution to your classroom.

4K Ultra High Definition picture quality

An intuitive user experience, a perfect combination of tablet and computer

Long-term and flexible installation

No calibration and easy maintenance
All-in-one for all purposes
The teacher uses the whiteboard app on the giant touchscreen
The teacher navigates easily through their interactive presentation

A hybrid tool, essential for teaching

Personal and collaborative

A personal workspace and a shared teaching aid, the interactive screen is intended for all users and all stages of a lesson.

Efficient and intuitive

Prepare your course content on an interactive display or broadcast it from your personal computer (mirroring, Cloud, USB key), it’s quick and easy.

Visible to the whole class

The interactive display is clearly visible to your students throughout the classroom. They will also be able to participate and interact directly with the touchscreen.

Compatible with your usual software

Between a tablet and a computer, the interactive display offers broad compatibility with the tools you are used to. Install your own software and applications to teach both face-to-face and remotely.

The interactive touchscreen as a personal and collaborative workspace
An intuitive learning support for all ages
The giant touchscreen captures the attention of the entire class.
A pedagogical support for all subjects and compatible with your software

Present your lessons

Multiple features at your fingertips

Get your students’ attention

For a teacher, the interactive digital display acts as a facilitator. It simplifies working methods while allowing you to delve deeper into your subjects, which also benefits your students. It is a way of understanding digital technology and making it accessible to everyone from primary level upwards.

Active and collective participation

The interactive screen is both touch-sensitive and multi-touch. Several students can write on the interactive touchscreen at the same time. They will be more enthusiastic to participate and therefore more involved.

Dynamic and fun learning

The interactive nature of the SpeechiTouch display makes learning more fun. The courses and activities offered can be designed to be engaging and interactive, and may even incorporate applications to make them feel more like games.

Via a rich and intuitive interface

As new technologies are already well integrated into our daily lives, your students will easily learn to use the interactive screen. They will also be able to access a wider range of resources.

Distance learning

Break down the barriers of distance

Teach in person or remotely on the interactive touchscreen.

4K Interactive touchscreen for your classrooms

The interactive whiteboard is equipped with an audio system to improve the quality of communication in the classroom.

Compatible with all your video conferencing software

Videoconferencing camera for your remote lessons on the interactive display

Camera & built-in micros to fix onto the interactive display

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