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UGAP is a French public procurement body which schools, town halls and local authorities can use to purchase digital and interactive tools. Speechi is the partner chosen by UGAP to respond to the various calls for projects launched by the French government in the field of education. On this page you will find some of our solutions selected by the UGAP.

speechi selected by UGAP

Speechi is a French company, based in Lille and Paris, with a team of around fifty people and expertise in interactive solutions.

For 20 years, we have been accompanying French schools in the installation of their equipment and in the training of its future users.

Our solutions are offered on the UGAP public purchasing platform, with which we have been a trusted partner for 8 years now.

To date, we have equipped thousands of classrooms in France and are committed to meeting the challenge of digitalising schools.

Find these solutions in the UGAP catalogue

Speechi interactive displays

The Speechi interactive touchscreens selected by UGAP all run on an Android system, giving them speed, power and precision. Their ergonomics, intuitiveness and range of applications make them ideal forThey can be complemented by a Windows PC in OPS format, which is completely invisible when clipped onto the edge of the screen. use in schools. They can be complemented by a Windows PC in OPS format, which is completely invisible when clipped onto the edge of the screen.

Stands for Speechi interactive displays

Wall mounts

Fixed Stands

Mobile Stands

Speechi Interactive Whiteboards (IWB)

Speechi 94″ Interactive Whiteboard

The Speechi fixed digital whiteboard lets you interact with the image on your computer projected onto a fully tactile surface.

Interactive tablet for teachers and students

A versatile, wireless SpeechiTablet XP 2 digital tablet for remote control of the interactive whiteboard, whether you’re a teacher or a student.

Je Lève La Main classic or advanced voting boxes

Full or simplified voting terminals to evaluate and interact with your audience while analysing the results.

Speechi Document Cameras

A pocket-sized 4K document camera that slips into a bag to accompany teachers wherever they go.

VI-102 Mobile Document Camera

A 4K gooseneck document camera with controls on its stand and remote control.

VI-801 Platform Document Camera

A stand-alone document camera with a backlit tabletop, ideal for use in science classrooms.

Other accessories

IC2 interactive camera

A discreet, lightweight camera capable of transforming any video projector into an interactive video projector.

4K UHD PTZ camera

A camera with built-in microphone for filming lessons, conferences or meetings. Record up to 2 positions. Enregistrez jusqu’à 2 positions.

Wireless transmitter

Compatible with PCs, the transmitter plugs into the PC’s USB port to display its content on the interactive display wirelessly.

Wireless presentation system

Compatible with PCs, tablets and smartphones, the Quattropod allows several devices to be broadcast on the interactive displays at the same time.

Speechi helps you make your project a reality

Do you have any questions about our solutions listed in the UGAP catalogue? Our team of experts is here to answer them, to offer you turnkey classroom installations or demos of our interactive whiteboards.

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