SpeechiTouch interactive display

SuperGlass 3

Bigger, further, faster.
A state-of-the-art interactive experience
that moves at the speed of your ideas

Resolution 4K - 5K UHD


Android 13

Infrared technology


4K & 5K

Available sizes


High Precision

version Android 13
Available sizes

75” – 86” –

50 touchpoints


50 touch

On-board Windows PC in option



touchscreen's storage

Microphones & Speakers

2 x 18W
subwoofer 2 x 8W

Speakers' power


On-board Windows PC
or Android OPS

SuperGlass 3

One touch technology to revolutionize your experience

The touch screen is easy to use for students of all ages and abilities.

Think big with the ultra-large 5K touchscreen

An even more expansive workspace with a 105” (266 cm) SuperGlass screen with 5K resolution for perfect images. Present, annotate, view and collaborate freely. What’s more, you can extend your screen thanks to the USB-C out for a truly giant workspace suitable for all types of rooms!
Customise your presentations with whiteboard software.

Write with finesse, speed and precision

Your pen stroke is accurately reproduced, right down to the differences in pressure you exert on your stylus. The SuperGlass 3 touchscreen achieves such a level of precision that the coincidence between the tip of your stylus and your trace is perfect!
Draw and write with whiteboard software.

Zero latency, maximum efficiency

Browse, interact and launch your apps. The SuperGlass 3 screen never takes its time – so you don’t waste yours. It interacts with you with unrivalled speed thanks to its octa-core processor, Android 13, and 50 simultaneous touch points for exceptionally responsive handling.

A rich, ergonomic interface

A simplified user experience paired with a comprehensive range of applications gives you rapid access to all the functions of your touch screen and a host of customised tools so you can focus on what’s important.

Infinite whiteboard

Web browser


Quick access to tool palette

File explorer and settings

Whiteboard software for more engaging virtual communication.

An ultra-high-end, customizable interactive touchscreen

Expand your screen’s capabilities with the OPS Windows or Android Google-certified option, and enjoy the personalized working environment you’re used to. All you have to do is integrate your OPS option into the screen slot.
Whiteboard software for more engaging virtual communication.

With an Android Box, you’ll enjoy a complete and secure Google work environment. Boosted Android 13 power, an enriched application universe thanks to Google certification and a personalized Speechi interface designed with users in mind.

With an OPS PC, you’ll enjoy a Windows Pro work environment with all the power of a PC, and access to all your programs and software. A totally autonomous, giant-sized PC.


Inspire, teach and share on our infinite whiteboard




Freeze your screens to exchange and bring ideas

Need to stop and focus on an item of content? Freeze it with the annotation palette, then annotate, highlight, and screenshot your content before saving and sharing it.

Créez des présentations dynamiques avec un logiciel de tableau blanc.Logiciel de tableau blanc pour des annotations en temps réel.

Remote working

Connect people
and share ideas




Share your work

Share the fruits of your labour with your team anytime. With the integrated mirroring tool, you can wirelessly project the display of your device – smartphone, tablet, PC – onto the large SpeechiTouch touchscreen.
Connect your personal workspace to a giant interactive screen to collaborate more visually

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