Interactive Display

Seamlessly integrate
the interactive display
into your workspace

Mobile stand for speechi display
  • From 55" to 105"
  • Fixed or Mobile
  • Adjustable / tiltable
  • Manual / Electric
  • Up to 150 kg
floor stand for interactive display

The Floor

A practical and inexpensive solution, ideal when mounting the interactive display on the wall is impossible.

wall mount for display

The Wall

Mount your interactive display on the wall without losing floor space. Simple, invisible and effective.

Mobile stand for interactive display

The Mobile

An ideal solution for those who wish to move the interactive display from room to room.

Height-adjustable Stand or tiltable

The Adjustable

This type of stand, the most versatile in our offering, is both mobile and tiltable, as well as height-adjustable.

Floor Stand

Hassle-Free Installation

Perfect integration of the interactive display into your workspace

In addition to its excellent value for money, the floor stand is a highly sought-after solution for users who wish to install their interactive display on furniture.

If the wall is too thin to drill, or the lease does not allow for drill holes, the floor stand provides a good compromise for a simple and discreet integration of an interactive display in the room.

Wall Mount

Invisible Mount: Simple & Effective

Integrating the interactive screen on the wall in a large classroom
This mount is the most popular amongst interactive display users. It has two significant advantages: low cost and easy installation. This very discreet mounting solution is ideal if the interactive display installation is permanent, and if the quality of the wall permits.
The fixed wall mount
The height-adjustable wall mount is best suited for schools
The reinforced height-adjustable wall mount for fragile walls

Mobile Stand

Smooth Sailing

The mobile classroom stand on castors for flexible, user-friendly use

With the mobile stand, the interactive display moves freely from one space to another, and can be shared between teams.
To meet the interactive display needs of your users, the mobile stand is available in three versions, ranging from a fixed-height mobile stand to a height-adjustable mobile stand.

The simple mobile stand
The manually height-adjustable mobile stand
The electrically height-adjustable mobile stand

Adjustable Mobile Stand

Mobile & Flexible Installation

Tilting stand to use the interactive screen as a giant graphics tablet
The adjustable mobile stand provides more flexible uses. In addition to being mobile, this stand lets the interactive display tilt up to 90° and turn into an interactive table top. Whether for a museum, a reception hall, a showroom, or a classroom, the flexibility of the stand makes the screen’s touch surface accessible to any audience.

The tiltable mobile stand
The height-adjustable and tiltable mobile stand

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