Choosing the best smart whiteboard for office use

From small huddle rooms and 1-1 meeting booths to training spaces and board rooms, smart whiteboards are an asset in every part of an office.

However, with so many different models, options and accessories to choose from, deciding on the best smart whiteboard for your office can often be a tricky task.

At Speechi, our goal is to provide as much information and guidance as possible, so you get exactly the right smart whiteboard setup for your office. Read on for a few tips on what will influence the cost and price of your office smart whiteboard.

The size of your office space

 smart whiteboard & The size of your office space

Budgeting can be hard, but the first big milestone to reach is identifying how many whiteboards you will need. If you are running a business with one office and a single meeting room, you may only need one smart whiteboard. On the other hand, if your company has multiple offices worldwide, it is worth equipping all of your meeting rooms with office smart whiteboards.

While the up-front cost of this will initially seem high, it will not take long to see the return on investment due to how much you will save on corporate travel costs.

It is also important to measure the dimensions of the room (or rooms) in which you intend to set up your smart whiteboards, since this will play a part in determining the screen size you need. Smaller screens are fine for cosy office meeting rooms and huddle rooms.

However, if your screen will be installed in a large board room, you will need one of our larger screen models, and it may be worth investing in an adapted camera and sound system.

Smart whiteboard & Screen size and resolution

Screen size and resolution

These will be the primary factors that influence the cost of your office’s smart whiteboard. At Speechi, our interactive whiteboards come in 5 sizes: 55”, 65”, 75”, 86” and 98”. Generally speaking, the larger the smart whiteboard, the higher the price – but since some models have Gen 1 and Gen 2 versions, the cost can sometimes vary depending on which type you pick.

It is worth noting that on the whole, our larger screens are more feature-rich – and they can also come with technology like SuperGlass, which provides the same level of precision as graph paper when users write on the screen.

Smart white board : Android or Windows operating system

Smart white board : Android or Windows operating system

While most smart whiteboards from Speechi are equipped with Android cores, more recently, we have added Windows-based models to our repertoire – however, picking Windows over Android comes at a greater cost. As you may be aware, Android interfaces are designed to be lightweight and speedy, which is perfect for small- to medium-scale video-conferencing calls, for example.

For more resource-intensive use-cases, like holding large-scale video calls with dozens of attendees, it is vital to harness the reliability and speed of Windows cores. By adopting SpeechiTouch Windows interactive whiteboards, you can hold smooth, lag-free videoconferencing calls with minimal latency.


While our interactive whiteboards include a range of built-in hardware and software options, it may be of interest to consider supplementing these with other state-of-the-art Speechi products. For example, do you need a wide-angle HD camera that captures every detail of your meeting room?

Or if audio quality is a priority for your use-case, it may be worth looking at our speaker systems, wireless microphones, and loudspeakers. We also offer a number of free and paid software licences – so if you are looking to purchase a specific software suite for its features, it is important to factor that cost into your budget.

Not sure where to start?

As is the case with most Speechi products, our smart whiteboards for office do not have prices listed on our website. To order and enquire about our products, reach out to our expert teams.

They will provide valuable advice and guidance on the best setup for your use-case, and offer a tailor-made pricing quote.

Contact us today to find out more.