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Boost collaboration with SpeechiTouch

SpeechiTouch screens: connected and efficient meetings
Réunions connectées: écran tactile pour visio efficacesSalle de réunion 2.0: écran Android pour visio réussies

One tool for everything

Replaces and enhances your existing collaborative tools

Tablet or giant touchscreen computer, the interactive screen offers a large-scale workspace, combining all the advantages of your current tools (television, whiteboard, projector, computer…) while providing simplicity with a single tool and multiple possibilities for remote and in-person collaboration.

Interactive display

Simple, adaptable and highly collaborative

The interactive touchscreen combines all your old tools into one, a 100% connected, all-in-one solution to facilitate and energise your work modes, and enable you to collaborate together with efficiency.
Your images and videos in 4K Ultra High Definition
A hybrid tool, the combination of tablet and computer for a richer and more intuitive experience

Perfectly integrated in all your meeting rooms: elegant, flexible and built to last

High performances to match your expectations for all uses
Modern meeting room: opt for SpeechiTouch & cameras
4K interactive touchscreen for Ultra High Definition rendering of your images and videos

Project facilitator

Turn your ideas into success

Bring your ideas to life

The interactive screen is the ideal tool for brainstorming. Take notes, draw, sketch out your ideas on a giant touchscreen workspace and make use of various tools. Use all available resources: web extracts, cloud files, and screen-sharing to turn your ideas into a plan and make them understandable to your employees.

An infinite whiteboard on an interactive display to illustrate and bring your ideas to life
The interactive board provides an effective collaboration platform for group projects.

Make it easy to manage all your projects

As a hybrid solution, the interactive display is both an Android tablet and a Windows computer, providing extensive software compatibility. Use your usual software to present and manage your projects in a more visual and dynamic way. Benefit from specific software solutions to brainstorm, organise and present, including remotely.

Share your ideas worldwide

Present and share your ideas with your colleagues, in person or remotely from your meeting room, using SpeechiTouch for a more impactful presentation. Collect and organise all the ideas and share them with your colleagues or clients at the end of the meeting, thanks to the Cloud.

Remote presentations with a videoconference screen

Engage your audience

A comprehensive and intuitive range of tools and functions to do it all

Tool box

Write, draw and annotate all types of media on the interactive touchscreen.

An infinite digital whiteboard application for annotating, diagramming and presenting ideas

Note 2.0

Expand and enhance your contents thanks to smart tools of the whiteboard.

Integrated cloud on interactive screen to access and share your work files at any time


Access your files on the interactive display through the Cloud and instantly share them with others.

A mirroring application for sharing one or more devices on an interactive touchscreen


Share content from any device and broadcast it on a giant screen, touch functionality is retained.

Screen capture functionality to record a view or video session

Image/video capture

Record your screen content in images or video to keep a record and share it later.

Multi-window functionality for splitting the screen and displaying several programs in the same view


Split your screen and display a video conference, a whiteboard, a web page, and an application simultaneously.

Remote meeting

Get remote teams more involved

Video conferencing camera with built-in speakers

for an optimal remote meeting experience

All-in-one solution

4K interactive display, wide angle camera, powerful speakers

Compatible with

the best video conferencing software

Collaborate everywhere and in every possible way

Tailored solutions for every work environment

Digitalise your meeting rooms

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