Speechi Connect

The interactive

The Speechi Connect experience on an interactive screen with its connected and customisable interface
  • A unique and connected interface for all environments
  • A personalised workspace accessible at all times on all screens
  • Fast, secure connection via smartphone
  • Guaranteed data confidentiality
  • A fleet that can be managed remotely and customised

A entirely new interface

All the power of interactivity in the hands of the user

A secure, connected interface for instant videoconferencing

A cohesive user
experience everywhere

Push the boundaries of interactivity and enjoy a unique user experience on your interactive screen, regardless of whether you choose to use Android, Windows, Mac or Linux.

and intuitive

An intuitive and easy-to-use interactive screen which offers quick access to your favourite apps and a wide range of tools for collaborating efficiently during meetings.

A multitude of

Practical, dynamic tools at your fingertips so you can start a video conference in seconds, check your calendar, share the room’s Wi-Fi code, share your notes, and more…

A workspace that can go anywhere you work

With Speechi Connect,
your workspace, your data, and your apps
go wherever you go

A personal workspace that reflects your image, accessible from any screen
Connection to the Speechi Connect interface via your smartphone for fast, secure access to your data

Taking charge

Connect: everything you need, right in your pocket

Connect to interactive screens and display your personal workspace easily via your smartphone. Accessible whenever you need it and controlled from your smartphone, your workspace is shown on the screen while you work and simply disappears as soon as you’re done.


& Go !

Connect to any of your fleet’s interactive screens with ease using your smartphone.


A workspace
designed just for you

Personalise your workspace by creating a profile, choosing a theme, adding apps and shortcuts, etc.


See your work
on the big screen

The interactive screen becomes your screen, so you can present information, use tools to collaborate, access your files, share your work, and more…


& Go !

When you’re finished, simply disconnect your phone from the screen, and all your work slips right back into your pocket.


The Speechi Connect Experience

Customisable workspace, choose your wallpaper and applications

A workspace tailored to your needs

Customising your

Use your smartphone to customise your workspace to match your way of working and you’ll be able to access your unique workspace anytime and from any interactive screen.

Exchange and collaborate in total security

Secure screen connection for easy collaboration and file sharing

Secure connections,

Everything happens via your smartphone for maximal security and confidentiality. There’s no need to enter any login details, your smartphone is the link between your workspace and your interactive screen. And when you’re finished working, your data goes leaves with you and nothing is saved to the screen.

A screen for everyone,
free to work
from any screen

Users can share screens and move freely from room to
room connecting to any interactive screen they wish to work on. Connect to a screen and your workspace will be displayed; disconnect, and the screen will return to its original interface until its used again.


Sharing your screen, sharing files from your device, sending documents to everyone in the room during a meeting or a lesson: you can do it all. Speechi Connect makes it easy to share information securely so you can collaborate with others efficiently and with complete peace of mind.

Simple, centralised and customisable

Connect Admin puts you at the wheel

Remote management of your fleet of screens, customisation and configuration of access rights

fleet management

Manage your fleet of screens remotely: manage users and user rights, secure access to your screens, manage your meeting rooms, allocate permissions and configure screens via an intuitive SaaS platform.

An full overview of your fleet

Keep an eye on all your screens, their locations, their connection status and which users are connected at all times when via the dashboard.

Customisable screens

Customise your fleet of screens to suit your needs: set up a shared interface that represents your organisation and pre-install the programmes and apps that your teams work with most.

Connected interface

Speechi Connect

Speechi Connect, a unique, connected and efficient interface

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