The benefits of interactive whiteboards for home use, remote working, and homeschooling

Transform your home office space into the perfect remote-working environment, and give your children the ultimate homeschooling experience.

While interactive whiteboards are generally seen as a staple in corporate and learning environments, they are quickly proving to be a valuable addition to smart technology at home.

The COVID pandemic and lockdowns have permanently changed our approach to teaching and working, with many people discovering the myriad of benefits that come with remote work and homeschooling.

interactive whiteboard for home use and remote working

By embracing electronic whiteboards in your home, you can connect seamlessly with colleagues across the globe from your home office, and deliver fun, engaging homeschooling lessons to your children.

What is an interactive whiteboard?

To ensure that you are making an informed decision on the technology you need, it is important to understand what an interactive whiteboard is, and what it is capable of.

In short, an interactive whiteboard is a large screen that combines a touch-screen computer, a monitor, and a TV screen. It can be helpful to think of it as a giant, versatile tablet that is specially designed for presentations.

Users can draw and write on it like a traditional whiteboard, but since it is also connected to the internet, you can also use it to access a wide range of educational and business resources.

benefits of interactive whiteboards for home use and remote working

This means that not only can you pull up ready-made lesson slides from reputable teaching sources – you can also test your child’s knowledge through fun quizzes, games and worksheets.

Why use an interactive whiteboard for homeschooling?

  • Teach your kids through touch and play. As teaching methods have evolved over decades, one thing is increasingly clear – bombarding children with facts and information is not an effective way to teach. There is a reason why we have left behind the days of teachers spoon-feeding information to students through dictation and note-copying – these dated methods have long been abandoned in favour of fun, interactive approaches that embrace modern technology.

    With interactive whiteboards, you can create visually stunning presentations and enrich them with impactful images, diagrams, and quizzes. Children will learn much more efficiently and retain more information with a hands-on approach. From tapping, dragging and dropping items directly on the digital whiteboard to making important points stand out with a highlighter, the teaching possibilities are endless.
  • Access online teaching resources. As a parent home-schooling your children, you can take a massive weight off your own shoulders by embracing world-class educational materials. From ready-made PowerPoint slides covering specific subjects to quizzes and teaching websites, you can save time building your own lessons, and remove the worry that your own material doesn’t cover the subject properly.

    interactive whiteboard home school

    Websites like Khan Academy are a fantastic source of free teaching materials aimed at learners, teachers and parents home-schooling their children. Simply find the right learning level for your kids, and you can display a number of multimedia resources on your smart whiteboard – from informative videos and presentation slides on a given topic to reading materials and workbooks your children will love to engage with.

Why use an interactive whiteboard for remote working?

  • Connect with colleagues worldwide. In order to succeed in today’s fast-paced business landscape, it is more important than ever for companies to spread out and hire teams across the globe. Combine this with the ever-growing popularity of remote-working since the COVID pandemic, and it is easy to see why many of us experience some teething pains as we adjust to this new world of work. With an interactive whiteboard in your home office, you can feel closer than ever to your colleagues.

    Bond seamlessly with team members over video calls, hold collaborative workshops with real-time editing and annotation, and make sure everyone present in your meetings can contribute and share ideas.