Interactive display board – Screen, Solution and Software

Interactive display boards have revolutionised public spaces for years – including patient waiting rooms, pharmacies, hotels, universities, restaurants, and much more.

While there is no doubt that adding a dynamic display board to your space will take it to the next level, it can be hard to choose the right screen with so many options available on the market.

With over 15 years of expertise manufacturing and supplying interactive display boards, Speechi can provide valuable advice on installing an interactive display board – including which screen to opt for, useful solutions, and software packages that may be of interest.

The benefits of using an interactive display board

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In patient waiting rooms

Deliver the ultimate experience for your patients by setting up an interactive display board in your waiting room. Patients can use the screen to check in and book appointments, or you can use your screen as a solution for streaming informative healthcare videos.

Want to encourage your patients to get their seasonal flu jabs, share tips for managing hayfever, or raise awareness of how to check for early cancer symptoms? Interactive display board screens are the perfect way to distribute this kind of information.

In pharmacies

Guide customers on their buying journey with an interactive display board on the shop floor. You could set up a solution so customers can use your screen to browse products by category, order online to collect in store, and compare product prices. You can even set up questionnaires to help your customers identify which moisturiser is best for their skin type, or which self-tanning product is recommended for them.

The possibilities are endless, and you will see a steady increase in your sales.

In hotels

Keep your guests in the loop by using your interactive display board to show what times breakfast is served, what time your swimming pool closes, and what sort of weather they can expect on a given day.

You can also display practical information on currency exchange rates, or local tourist attractions, for example.

In universities

For new students, university campuses can be a daunting place to navigate – but with an interactive display board solution, you can give them a helping hand.

Provide students with an interactive map that they can zoom in or out on to find their seminar rooms, a search function to find lecture rooms by name – and, of course, directions for the university café.

Software and solutions for your interactive display board

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By combining an interactive display board with the right software and solutions, you can create what is known as an interactive terminal – a user-friendly device that enhances your customer’s journey. This is where Touchify software comes in.

Speechi and Touchify have joined forces to develop the ultimate suite of tools for interactive displays.

Since their release in 2016, Touchify software and solutions have proven to be a superb option for anyone looking to create eye-catching, colourful and user-friendly content for display screens.

Combined with the performance, sensitivity and Ultra High Definition display provided by SpeechiTouch screens, your space will be equipped with best-in-class technology.

Touchify – a platform for creating interactive content

Screen, Solution and Software

High-quality graphic presentations

With the Studio online platform, you get a whole panel of tools to create your presentations. Insert text, images, videos, and much more. Organise elements one-by-one with multiple layers to create a professional design.

Dynamic presentations

Bring your presentations to life by inserting animations. Set elements of a page to show or hide as the user navigates your display.

Interactive presentations

Make your presentations interactive by integrating interactions between the elements that form your presentation. For example, you can make some elements clickable to take them to another page of your presentation, open a webpage, play or pause a video, and much more.

Presentations to explore like a website

With Touchify’s Studio platform, you can structure your presentation to work like a miniature website, and organise pages with a tree-view map. The user can then browse your presentation freely, as they see fit.