SpeechiTouch SuperGlass+ S interactive display

A high-precision solution
for your lessons
and meetings

Resolution 4K - 5K UHD



Infrared technology


SuperGlass High Precision

Available sizes

Available sizes*

55”,65”, 75”, 86”,98

version Android 11


Android 11


Video Call Interface

50 touchpoints

Bytello Share Licence


Module included

Speakers' power

Micros & Speakers

2 x 16W
subwoofer 16W

Optional: On-board Windows PC

Windows or Android

touchscreen's storage


55″ and 98″ sizes are available within the range SuperGlass+ 

SuperGlass+ S

The comfort of paper,

the advantages of digital


One touch technology to revolutionize your experience

The touch screen in the classroom allows students to draw and write on the interactive whiteboard.

Interact with precision

Write on the screen as accurately as on a piece of graph paper. Its surface, through which 16 times more optical rays pass than with a conventional infrared screen, detects your interactions with great precision. The offset between the stylus tip and the line seen on standard infrared screens has been drastically reduced for improved accuracy.

Students can use the interactive whiteboard to create presentations and projects.

Flash reactivity

Interact, write and navigate on the screen with no latency. Amazing responsiveness, enabled by its Android 11 core and its ability to detect 40 simultaneous touchpoints.

The interactive board is equipped with a stylus and allows students to interact with the content displayed.

Increased fluidity

Your stylus glides smoothly over the surface of the glass, which is smoother than with a standard screen. Your stylus glides smoothly over the surface of the glass, which is smoother than with a standard screen. For greater writing comfort, with SuperGlass+ S, the coarseness of the protective glass has been reduced by 20%.

An intuitive interface focused on your uses

One-click access to all the main tools and applications on the interactive screen, so you can focus solely on your meeting. Take advantage of a second side menu that offers even more options to improve and dynamize exchanges.

Infinite whiteboard

Sidebar menu (shortcuts, annotation, screenshot, video recording, stopwatch…)


Android videoconferencing interface

Access to your Cloud

Web browser



The interactive whiteboard allows students to actively participate in lessons and interact with the content.

Increase the interactive potential of your interactive touchscreen

Optionally, add an OPS to the screen edge to further boost your screen’s performance and interactive possibilities. Depending on your working habits, you can opt for a Windows or Google-certified environment.
Whiteboard software for more engaging virtual communication.

With an Android Box, take advantage of the EDLA-certified Google environment, giving you full access to the entire Google suite, without exception and in full security.

With an OPS PC, take advantage of the Windows 11 Pro environment and enjoy your workspace on a giant touchscreen. Switch between Android and Windows interfaces in a single gesture.

Note 2

An infinite whiteboard
to co-create, transmit and share




Freeze your screen
at any time

You can stop, freeze, annotate, highlight or take screenshots at any time. Share your annotated content or save it.

Le tableau interactif est utilisé pour afficher des présentations, des vidéos et des jeux interactifs.Le tableau interactif offre une expérience d'apprentissage plus immersive et interactive.
Remote working

Bring people together
and share ideas



Android Video Call Interface – Remote meetings at the click of a button

With the SuperGlass+ S interactive display, take advantage of a dedicated videoconferencing interface accessible from Android. Synchronize your schedule with the room’s screen and join your remote meeting or distance learning course with a single click. Via the side panel, view all your appointments and continue to access all your applications for remote interaction.
Whiteboard software for more engaging virtual communication.


Share from your device to your screen

Broadcast your PC, tablet or smartphone screen to the SpeechiTouch screen to share with your audience with ByTello Share easily and wirelessly.

The modern interactive screen in the meeting room enables more effective collaboration between participants.

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