• 360° Sound broadcasting
  • 5-meter sound capture
  • Noise reduction, voice focus
  • Ergonomic shortcut buttons
  • Practical and portable
  • Long battery life of 8 hours
  • Quick to set up – Plug & Play
  • Freedom of movement thanks to Bluetooth

Ultra compatible

Ideas amplifier for everyone

The portable BM21 microphone speaker is compatible with all your devices – laptops, interactive displays, tablets, mobiles, and headsets, regardless of their environment (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS).

Sound comes easy

Suitable for small and medium meeting rooms

Integrates microphone and speaker functions

Broadcasts high-quality sound at 360°

Captures voices up to 5 meters away thanks to 6 omnidirectional microphones

Facilitates your calls thanks to touch controls

Connects up to three devices simultaneously

Solves the main drawbacks of video conferencing (poor sound quality)

Remote meeting on interactive screen with BM21 loud speaker microphone
Speechi SPE-MG-402-C compact camera mounted on an interactive screen with its integrated clip


A natural conversation,
without boundaries

The BM21 video conferencing microphone captures participants’ voices to transmit them to remote listeners while reducing background noise. Its algorithm allows a spontaneous focus on the speakers’ voices to transmit only the essential.


A design straight to the point


A design straight to the point


Feel free to move

Walk around freely

Thanks to the Bluetooth functionality of your BM21 microphone speaker, place it wherever you want in your meeting room and join the gesture to the word by moving around without worrying about any wire.

Be autonomous for hours on end

Rely on the battery life of your wireless BM21 speakerphone. Reliable, its battery ensures long conversations and lasts up to 8 hours in communication.

From one video room to another

Your BM21 fits in your hand. Taking a video conferencing system and transporting it from one meeting room to another is often complicated: rid yourself of this hassle by opting for a portable and lightweight microphone speaker.

Perfect sound

Quality video conferences, without barriers

Poor sound quality is more often pointed out by employees as being a barrier to remote meetings than video quality. No more distant, cut-off or distorted voices. Nothing will prevent your teams from speaking to each other remotely.

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