Case study : Bonduelle,
a leader in the agri-food industry






Bonduelle’s IT Department developed data visualisation software capable of leveraging a wide range of data to meet the needs of all their teams (support, HR, finance, agronomy, distribution, etc.) which are based at some fifty sites around the world.. In order to demonstrate its tool to various teams, the IT Department was looking for a solution that would allow it to project and interact with the data generated.

Bonduelle and its data visualization tool
Case study: Bonduelle and Speechi interactive displays


  • Demonstrate how to use the data visualisation tool to the teams.
  • Facilitate communication between teams working at different sites.

Speechi’s solutions

  • Two SpeechiTouch 65″ interactive screens with 4K resolution installed side by side.
  • Two Windows 10 PCs in OPS format, invisibly embedded into the screens.
  • A camera for videoconferencing.
At Bonduelle, the Speechi interactive touchscreen is a remote training and presentation tool

Uses of the screens

  • Demonstrating different ways to use the data visualisation tool to the teams. To make training even easier, the presenter can apply parameters on the left-hand screen and displays the results on the right-hand screen.
  • Sharing the tool and other documents with teams based at different sites via videoconferencing.
At Bonduelle, Speechi interactive displays have many benefits


  • More dynamic presentations
  • Participants’ attention is held during presentations

Watch a testimonial from Bonduelle’s IT Department

“The difference between a presentation where everyone is sat around a table, scrolling through one slide after another, and a presentation where the presenter is standing up at the front of the room and moving around is striking… You have more of the participants’ attention.”

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