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The use of the interactive whiteboard in the classroom is an excellent way of integrating technology into student learning
A modern interactive whiteboard is installed in the classroom to assist the students' learning

Present lessons and captivate your class

Like the traditional whiteboard, the interactive screen is a teaching aid with multiple uses. With an infinite work surface, access to the internet, applications and software, this digital medium gives you the option of presenting your lessons in any way you like to captivate your students and help them understand better.

Annotate and enrich your lessons

During the course of your lesson, you can annotate your materials (documents, images, videos or web pages) directly. Annotate, add diagrams and screencaps to make the lesson even more intelligible. Import all types of files and use all the available and current resources at your fingertips online to enrich your courses.

Get your students to interact

Several students can use elements and interact on the screen simultaneously. If your students are actively involved in the lesson, they will feel more engaged and invested, which will also have a positive impact on learning: their understanding, memory and application will be improved.

Teach remotely

With the right tools, you can have a remote or hybrid classroom, no matter where you or your students are located. Make sure you are visible and audible to your remote audience, and like a traditional course, you can teach from anywhere and have the same opportunities for interaction.

Share your resources

Use the video conferencing solution of your choice and share your screen with your students remotely, so that they can see every step of the course with you. They will be able to participate and ask questions just as easily as face-to-face. By working on a cloud space, you can access your resources at any time and share them with your students more easily to follow and review the course. Your changes are automatically saved in your workspace to save time.

Record your course on video

From your videoconferencing solution or directly from the toolbar of your interactive screen, you can choose to record the content of your course in video. You can then stream it, send it or upload it online to share it, for example, with people who are away and want to watch it again later.
The teacher uses a touch screen to display graphics and images

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