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Capture attention, connect people, make an impact, create, erase. And then repeat. Endlessly.

L'écran interactif peut être utilisé pour afficher des présentations.


For professionals looking for an immersive, full-featured and collaborative touchscreen experience.

Le tableau interactif offre une expérience d'apprentissage personnalisée


An intuitive and participative interactive whiteboard to digitalise and improve teaching.

One for all, all in one



Crafted by us, tailored for you

L'écran tactile haute définition offre une expérience de visualisation exceptionnelle pour les présentations.

SuperGlass+ S

Peak power and speed are combined on this steroidal display, boosted by improved memory and processors.


Les élèves peuvent facilement suivre les cours en utilisant le tableau interactif

SuperGlass 3

The best writing feel ever experienced on an interactive screen with ultra-precision, comfortable and enjoyable writing.


Virtual meetings with a video conferencing screen

Let’s innovate and transform,

The French leader in the interactive market

For 20 years, Speechi has dominated the French interactivity market with its collaborative and educational solutions.

A strong network of European partners

Together we go further. Thanks to our network of premium partners, we distribute our solutions all over Europe.

Innovation at your service

Our strength resides in hardware and software innovation to deliver market-leading displays and accessories.

Over 60,000 rooms equipped

We have equipped thousands of classrooms and meeting rooms with our SpeechiTouch interactive boards since 2012.

Our clients put it best

How to design and equip your videoconferencing space

How to design and equip your videoconferencing space

  It’s often said that the cobbler always wears the worst shoes – but at Speechi, we are undoubtedly an exception to the rule. For many years now, we have manufactured and supplied interactive screens in France, and equipped thousands of meeting rooms with our...

Teaching in nurseries with a digital interactive whiteboard

Teaching in nurseries with a digital interactive whiteboard

Digital interactive whiteboards: a learning support for 3-4 year-olds There’s a common misconception that digital interactive whiteboards are just TV screens that lend themselves to lazy teaching methods – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the...

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Speechi, interactive touch screen and digital whiteboard link creators

At Speechi, we have only one goal: to ease your business through interactivity. For this, for more than 20 years we have been designing, developing and innovating for you, the most powerful interactive tools (interactive touch screen, digital whiteboard and interactive whiteboard) with the best software.

A single interactive whiteboard for all your uses

It doesn’t matter who your audience is, you naturally want to captivate them. And for that, what could be more impactful than a fluid, rich and interactive presentation?

With your employees, during meetings with your customers or on a daily basis, in immersion with your students, the interactive whiteboard is a solid support that makes your speech more lively, but also more understandable and more striking.

Why? Because an interactive whiteboard lets the right video pop up at the right time, gives the ability to display one-click infographics and graphics, allows the intervention of an external expert and most importantly, improves collaboration.

To share your ideas, expose them and brainstom. To connect with the world. To enjoy the power of digital signage. To streamline project management and to captivate the room, alone or with others, the SpeechiTouch interactive whiteboard is your best asset.

Design, share and animate with interactive touch screen

Because «time is money» and because in companies limiting round trips is a lever of great efficiency, the interactive touch screen finds its place with all organizations, regardless of their size and workforce.

In meetings, forget about Excel and Power Points. Gather your teams in front of an interactive screen and remote workers in front of their camera, reduce distance. Display your ideas and goals so that everyone can see them and let the power of the collective work together.

To prepare your meeting, nothing could be easier. Here too we thought for you in terms of efficiency and time saving. All your usual software is integrated into our solutions for a perfectly intuitive operation of your interactive screen. Can’t? We offer a dedicated app.

Annotate, import, and save every thing you do in the cloud so you don’t lose ideas. At everyone’s disposal, the content of your reflection helps collaboration, without friction, without wasting time and without any need for repetition.


Speechi and the (r)evolution of the digital whiteboard

At school, too, the digital whiteboard is in tune with the times. Since the massive practice of distance teaching, this interface between teachers and their students, has become widely democratized.

Whatever the age and grade level, from kindergarten to the Grandes Ecoles, the digital version of the whiteboard offers many advantages starting with a multiplied attention span.

Connected to the Internet, its resources and those of national education, the digital whiteboard offers teachers the opportunity to vary course formats and learning opportunities.

Need an additional diagram? Just make it live and add it automatically to today’s lessons. Need to increase oral participation in class? Multiple students can use the SpeechiTouch board at the same time for direct application and always welcome emulation.

Also, what could be more interesting, intuitive and easy to use than a digital and connected whiteboard for distance education?

Proof in the success of our three interactive screens

Interactive touch screen, digital whiteboard or interactive whiteboard, whatever its name, the SpeechiTouch screen and its multiple functions are at your fingertips.

SpeechiTouch is available in 3 versions: SuperGlass + S for ultra-efficiency, SuperGlass 3 for precision and InfraRouge. All for endless possibilities under the sign of connectivity.