Speechi compact 4K video conferencing camera for remote meetings or classes

Videoconferencing camera SPE-MG-402-C

Compact and seamless solution for distance meeting and distance learning

4K camera and built-in mics

High-quality and audible remote meetings and classes

4K UHD video conferencing camera ideal for interactive display

Videoconference in Ultra High Definition

The key point for successful video conferencing is image quality, and it is well and truly delivered with this 4K UHD camera. With its 12 Mpx sensor (1/2.8” CMOS), enjoy a perfect visual experience, ultra-smooth and without any distortion on the edges of the image.

4K camera with built-in microphones for video conferencing

Optimal long-range sound capture for all your rooms

The second key feature is that audio is built into this compact camera for a complete video conferencing solution. Equipped with 2 microphones, the remote audience will hear you up to 12m away, making this camera a suitable solution for many meeting or classroom spaces.

ePTZ camera with auto-framing

Boost your videoconferences with a smart camera

ePTZ videoconferencing camera to zoom and adjust the view you want

Guide the camera, it follows your movements

The ePTZ technology allows you to move around and adjust the image for the remote audience through zoom and tilt movements (horizontal and vertical). Provided with a remote control, you can manage the movements and preset positions to show specific corners, objects, or even documents.
Camera with 120° wide angle lens

Freely occupy the space

The SPE-MG-402-C video conferencing camera provides a wide view of your meeting room or classroom. Thanks to its 120° viewing angle, it is suitable for all types of rooms. You can easily occupy the space with several people, the camera keeps everyone in frame.
Camera equipped with auto-framing to frame the image according to the participants

Adjust your image on screen with auto-framing

This camera detects your movements and automatically adapts the image to the number of participants in the room, thanks to its auto-framing feature. The view is adjusted accordingly to offer better comfort for interacting with remote participants, and it ensures that no one is left out of the frame.

Plug & Play

Connect and join your videoconference in no time

Easy and ready to use, this compact camera owns a universal and simplified connection with a single USB port to be connected to your interactive screen. You just need to plug it into your device and it does not require any no driver installation.
USB 3.0 for smooth transmission

USB Type-B port (camera) / USB Type-A port (device)

No software or application required to install camera

Remote control provided to adjust ePTZ positions

Built-in mounting clip for easy installation on all your devices
Remote meeting on interactive screen with Speechi 4K camera
Speechi SPE-MG-402-C compact camera mounted on an interactive screen with its integrated clip

Use any software to start your videoconference

In addition to requiring no driver installation, this 4K camera offers full compatibility with all video conferencing software solutions on the market. You can start your remote meeting or class with the solution you are using normally.

camera compatible with all video conferencing software

Interactive display

Your video conference takes on a whole new dimension

Your remote meeting or class on an interactive screen will quickly make you forget the distance. With this giant screen, enjoy an immersive experience. Video conferencing with an interactive display allows you to use the screen as a collaborative tool to annotate, demonstrate, and share during a meeting, class, or training session.

Camera and interactive screen for collaboration and distance learning
Remote collaboration

An interactive workspace for remote collaboration



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