Choosing the best smart whiteboard: Cost and price

From classrooms and meeting rooms to retail spaces and lecture halls, smart whiteboards are transforming all kinds of spaces across the globe.

Ultimately, they’re redefining the ways we live, learn, work, and shop. However, there’s no escaping the fact that smart white boards often represent a costly investment, so it’s important to feel confident that you’re making the right purchase.

At Speechi, we believe it’s important to empower you with the knowledge required to identify and purchase the best technology for your needs. In this article, we’ll explore the main factors that influence a smart whiteboard’s cost and price, and what these factors mean for your purchasing decision.

Best smart whiteboard cost and price – what is the brand’s reputation like?

Best smart whiteboard cost and price – what is the brand’s reputation like?

This first factor is quite straightforward: when it comes to technology, it’s important to think about the brand’s overall reputation. Popular brands become household names for a reason. They usually have a solid customer base, a strong online presence and transparent reviews.

Their products might have a unique selling-point that sets them apart, and that tends to raise their price positioning. When you research a particular smart whiteboard manufacturer, does their unique selling-point answer your needs – for example, reliability, quality, and security? Does the brand or smart whiteboard product line hold any industry-standard certifications?

While brands with a solid reputation will sell their smart whiteboards with a higher price tag, this isn’t something you’ll want to compromise on, no matter what your use-case.

After all, even if you pay significantly less for a smart white board from a brand with a lower reputation, you’ll ultimately pay a higher cost replacing your product if it doesn’t deliver on quality. In short, more often than not, you pay for what you get.

Best smart whiteboard cost and price – what screen size do you need?

Best smart whiteboard cost and price – what screen size do you need?

This factor will help you narrow down your choices, as it’s important to find a smart whiteboard that is fit for your specific purpose. Think about the space in which you intend to set up your smart white board. Is it a small meeting room, or huddle room? If so, a 55” or 65” smart whiteboard will suffice. On the other hand, if you’re looking to set up your smart whiteboard in a secondary school classroom, a shop floor, or a board room, you’ll need to go for a larger size (75” – 105”).

As a general rule of thumb, the larger the smart whiteboard screen, the higher the price will be. We also have several articles focused on selecting the right smart whiteboard size for your needs.

Best smart whiteboard cost and price – do they manufacture their products in-house?

Although this may initially seem like an unrelated factor, a company’s choice to outsource its manufacturing can have quite a significant influence on the price of their products.

By keeping the manufacturing process in-house, not only do they have full control over the full production line – their manufacturing costs will also be reduced as there is no third-party to pay.

With this in mind, it’s worth seeking companies that manufacture their smart white boards internally if you’re seeking technology at a competitive cost.

Speechi: A cost-effective smart whiteboard provider with custom prices

Speechi: A cost-effective smart whiteboard provider with custom prices

Taking into consideration all the factors outlined above, Speechi is a great choice if you’re looking for cutting-edge smart whiteboards at the best cost. With smart whiteboards ranging from 55” to 105”, you’ll find a model for every use-case. With over 150,000 spaces equipped with our products, we also have a stellar reputation.

We manufacture our products in-house with the most durable but lightweight technology on the market, and our smart whiteboards meet a number of industry standards.

Lastly, we take great care to make sure you get the best smart whiteboard setup for your needs, at the very best cost. Contact our expert teams today to get your custom quote and recommendations.


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