Buying a digital interactive whiteboard online – pricing and cost

Wondering how much an interactive whiteboard will cost? Learn about the costs, benefits and long-term savings that come with embracing smart whiteboard technology, then estimate your budget.

Does your company operate in multiple offices across the globe? Are you looking to organise internal training that can be taken by employees from wherever they are based?

Or are you looking to save on corporate travel by switching to video-conferencing meetings with providers? No matter what issues you face, you will likely tackle them by embracing smart-whiteboard technology.

Interactive whiteboards offer a myriad of benefits, including better communication, seamless collaborative working between employees, and savings on business travel. At Speechi, we have valuable advice to share on buying a digital whiteboard online, and what the rough cost will be.

digital interactive whiteboard

What criteria to consider when buying a screen for video-conferencing

Before you take the leap and order an Android touch-screen whiteboard, it is important to stop and consider a few factors. For example, have you established your requirements and expectations? What needs are essential for remote workers, or employees connecting via a laptop or desktop?

The first question to ask yourself is what surface or room you intend to place your device on (or in). The larger the space is, the larger your audience is likely to be. It is also important to consider placement in the room – can everyone’s faces be seen clearly on webcam during meetings, presentations, and training sessions?

To cover each use-case and room size, we offer various screen sizes and levels of screen resolution. Screen dimensions are generally measured in inches.

Audio quality is also important to ensure fluid communication. Depending on the size of your meeting space, it would be wise to consider investing in a loudspeaker with a built-in microphone, which can be adjusted using the wide range of features – including cables and software.

Depending on your use-case and how often your digital whiteboard will be used, you can choose its sensitivity level, precision level, and its ability to adapt to various light conditions in a given environment.

Whether you are ordering a model from our SpeechiTouch or SuperGlass range, you will find comprehensive information that will aid your purchasing decision. If you have any queries, our expert teams are also available to answer them and provide valuable advice.

To guarantee optimal productivity between teams across the globe, we recommend complementing your digital whiteboard with our wide range of state-of-the-art accessories.

In situations like video calls, simply sharing a screen with other participants is not enough to keep everyone engaged – the actions of the person leading the meeting, demo or training should also be in clear view.

digital interactive whiteboard

To offer the ultimate video-conferencing experience for everyone, it is important to broadcast under the very best conditions. This is why we would recommend purchasing our discreet, high-performance webcam, which is specially designed for conference calls.

Pricing and costs for a digital interactive whiteboard

Already got a good idea of which model or size you need? If you are interested a screen on the smaller end of the scale, you can get equipped with a low budget – especially if you select a SpeechiTouch whiteboard with an Android operating system. Our 55” and 65” screens offer fantastic quality at a low price.

Pricing and costs for a digital interactive whiteboard

However, if your business operates on a larger scale and you intend to hold video-conferencing calls frequently, we would recommend investing in an XXL screen like our 98” Ultra HD option. This option will cost more but will last and be very efficient.

While it carries a much higher price tag, it boasts a number of state-of-the-art features – including SuperGlass technology, which offers the same unrivalled precision as writing on graph paper.

This screen size is perfect for very large rooms like board rooms, lecture halls and auditoriums, which are designed to accommodate hundreds of audience members.

For further details on cost for a specific device or setup, contact our teams via email or telephone. You are also more than welcome to visit our showroom in Lille, France to view our full range of products in person.