Take teaching to the next level with digital whiteboards for home, homeschool and students

Educational technology, or EdTech, has revolutionized teaching for learners of all ages. Read on to explore the benefits of using digital whiteboards for home, homeschooling, and students.

As technology transforms the ways in which we communicate, do business, and teach children, digital whiteboards have taken board rooms and classrooms alike by storm. In recent years, home-schooling and remote study have seen a distinct increase in popularity – and as a consequence, the digital whiteboard has found its way into homes and homeschool environments.

This article will highlight the main benefits of adopting this state-of-the-art technology, and why traditional learning methods are simply unmatched against it.

The benefits of digital whiteboards for home, homeschool and students

The benefits of digital whiteboards for home, homeschool and students

Higher engagement and concentration from students

Do a side-by-side comparison of a digital whiteboard against its traditional counterpart, and it is easy to see why the digital whiteboard comes out on top. With stunning 4K Ultra High Definition screen resolution, interactable elements, and a virtually infinite amount of space for brainstorming, users can rest assured that homeschool students will devote their full attention to the lesson.

Fosters collaboration and creative thinking

Whether you are homeschooling a single student or multiple pupils at once, brainstorming and mind-mapping are key methods for children and adults to explore ideas.

Resources like marker pens, paper pads and standard whiteboards can be quite constraining for students, and stifle both creativity and productivity as a result. Home-schooling teachers who have seen their students crowd around the whiteboard and squabble over dried-out marker pens will be all too familiar with this – but with a digital whiteboard, these are all problems of the past.

With students able to pick a colour for their own contributions, add notes from a personal device and zoom in or out of the whiteboard display, they will easily be able to broaden and refine their ideas.

Greater adaptability and accessibility for students

Digital whiteboard Homeschool

This benefit offered by the digital whiteboard is commonly overlooked. All of us have different learning styles, and benefit from viewing information in varied formats. For example, learning about the water cycle is best with a diagram, while learning about food groups is often easiest with a chart.

While standard whiteboards are mostly geared towards writing and very basic drawing, you can use your digital whiteboard to pull up ready-made, informative and eye-catching visual aids. Digital whiteboards are also especially beneficial for students with disabilities such as dyslexia due to the range of multimedia that can be displayed, as well as text being clearer on a screen than a whiteboard.

A goldmine of online learning resources to choose from

When parents teach their students at home, creating high-quality teaching resources can be a challenging and time-consuming task. However, with digital whiteboards, the entire process is quick and easy!

Speechi whiteboards come equipped with Iolaos software, which is perfect for designing colourful, eye-catching lesson presentations. With world-class online teaching resources like Twinkl and Khan Academy, which categorise content by age-group and key-stage, you have a world of possibilities at your fingertips (quite literally).

Choosing the best digital whiteboard for home, home school & students

Choosing the best digital whiteboard for home, home school & students

While it is handy to know all the perks of embracing digital whiteboard technology in your home, selecting the best model for home-schooling can be a challenge with so many options to choose from.

This is why we ensure that our expert advisors are on-hand to help each and every one of our customers make the right purchasing decision. Simply reach out to our friendly advisors via email or telephone, and share any relevant information about where you intend to install your digital whiteboard (e.g., room dimensions, wall-mounted or free-standing).

Our agents will then provide you with recommendations, guidance and a custom pricing quotation for your use-case.