How much is a smart interactive whiteboard? Price & Cost

With so many screen-size options and accessories to choose from, it can be hard to estimate how much an interactive whiteboard will cost.

At Speechi, we aim to make smart whiteboards as accessible to people as possible – so we’d like to share a few pointers on what will influence the price and cost of a setup.

Generally speaking, there are three main factors that influence the cost of a smart whiteboard – the scale of the space you are working with, the screen-size you choose, and any additional accessories you choose to integrate (e.g., speaker system, loudspeaker, microphones, webcam).

Scale of your space

interactive whiteboard Price & Cost

It is important to consider whether you are just looking for a single screen, or whether you are looking to install multiple screens in different rooms.

For example, if you are running a small company with a single office and a couple of cosy meeting rooms, you may only need one or two small interactive whiteboards installed.

However, if you are running an international company with offices across the globe, you may be looking to reduce business travel costs with an interactive whiteboard in every meeting room.

Of course, this will come at a higher price than the smaller-scale project covering two meeting rooms.

Room size is another factor to consider, as it will affect your choice of screen size. Smaller screens are fine for smaller-sized meeting rooms and classrooms, but if you are looking to install a screen in an auditorium, board room, or lecture hall, for example, you will need a much larger screen and an adapted sound system.

Smart interactive whiteboard & Screen size

Smart interactive whiteboard &  Screen size

This will be the main factor that influences the cost of your touch-screen whiteboard.

However, if you are looking to equip a larger space with a touch-screen whiteboard and plan to use your interactive screen on a regular basis, we would advise opting for a larger screen – like our 98” option, for example.

With a larger screen, you can ensure that everyone in a given space can see and hear your presentation, and these whiteboards tend to be more feature-rich than smaller options. A setup like this would require reaching out to our teams, who provide prices on quotation.

This option is a pricey investment for many, but with the amount that you can save on corporate travel costs, it will likely pay itself off quickly. Our larger screens also come with technology like SuperGlass, which provides the same level of precision as graph paper when users write on the screen.

Accessories & interactive whiteboard

Accessories & interactive whiteboard

While our interactive whiteboards include a range of built-in hardware and software options, it may be of interest to consider supplementing these with other state-of-the-art Speechi products.

For example, do you need a wide-angle HD camera that captures every detail of your meeting room? Or if audio quality is a priority for your use-case, it may be worth looking at our speaker systems, wireless microphones, and loudspeakers.

We also offer a number of free and paid software licences – so if you are looking to purchase a specific software suite for its features, it is important to factor that cost into your budget.

Not sure where to start?

Don’t worry – our expert teams are on hand to provide tailored advice on the best setup for your needs, and offer pricing quotations.

Contact us today to find out more.