The interactive whiteboard – a driver of remote collaboration

While remote working initially became a necessity for many as a response to the COVID pandemic, years later, it is undoubtedly here to stay. Far from being a passing trend, teleworking and hybrid-working approaches bring a number of benefits to both employers and employees.

From less money spent on leasing office spaces to better work-life balance, increased productivity, and less time spent commuting, there are many reasons why companies have embraced remote working as a norm. However, this shift in our approach to work does not come without its teething issues.

Whether your teams are working from home or spread across the globe, collaborative working can be a challenge – teams may not feel the same level of cohesion that they would otherwise have if they were in the same room. As a result, it can be more difficult for teams to feel a rapport with others in meetings, and ideas may not be shared as smoothly.

This is where interactive whiteboards come in as a catalyst for remote collaboration. They bridge gaps between employees, illustrate concepts that may otherwise remain abstract, and bring people together worldwide.

Optimise remote collaboration with HD webcams

Optimise remote collaboration with HD webcams

Of course, one of the cornerstones of effective communication involves seeing the faces of the people we are communicating with. Speechi interactive whiteboards are each equipped with discreet HD cameras that capture everyone in the room in crisp detail – and since our digital whiteboards have outstanding high-quality displays, you can also have your participants in clear view.

Looking to take your camera quality to the next level for remote collaboration sessions? We recommend browsing our range of standalone video-conferencing cameras, which include both HD and 4K UHD options, auto-tracking, and much more.

Boost collaborative working with crystal-clear audio

interactive whiteboard remote

Acoustic quality is another important factor to prioritise for effective collaborative working.

After all, while it’s great for participants to see one another’s faces, no-one can communicate effectively if there are audio dropouts, connection issues, muffled sound, and participants speaking too far away from the audio input. Good news – Speechi also offers a range of state-of-the-art microphones, loudspeakers, and wireless mics – so no matter how big or small your meeting room is, employees can collaborate seamlessly, and everyone can be heard loud and clear.

Not sure what option is best for your use-case? Get in touch with our expert teams, who will provide clear advice and guidance on the best options for your needs, along with a pricing quote.

Otherwise, you can opt for our video-conferencing audio kits, which include a loudspeaker and microphones.

Deliver the ultimate remote collaboration experience with tailor-made software

Deliver the ultimate remote collaboration experience with tailor-made software

Arguably the most dominant benefit of using an interactive whiteboard for remote collaboration is the range of available software designed with this purpose in mind.

Best of all, these applications aid both in-person and remote collaboration.

Want to organise a brainstorming session with your team? With Draft, employees can work collaboratively in real-time on a clear, colourful brainstorm. Contributors can add their ideas as pictures, text boxes, or drawings – and move elements around the screen with the ‘select’ tool.

Of course, since this software is designed for remote collaboration, attendees can either contribute directly via the interactive whiteboard itself, or remotely via their own devices.

With a touch-screen whiteboard, you will never have to worry about erasing and re-writing things on a traditional whiteboard, running out of space, or missing a contribution.

In addition to the Draft application, we would recommend looking at software such as Stage, Sofa, and Iolaos.

Stage is a real-time remote collaboration tool that enables file-sharing, annotation, screen-sharing and much more for participants. Sofa provides a secure space for project management, so your teams can clearly see their priorities and timelines, on top of being able to move and switch elements on the screen.

Finally, if you are looking to deliver presentations frequently for collaborative working, you can make slides quickly and easily with Iolaos.