Document camera
SpeechiCam 7

The pocket document camera
that lets you see your ideas
in a big way

Key features of the SpeechiCam 7 foldable mobile document camera
  • 4K Resolution
  • 8 Mpx
  • Autofocus
  • Zoom x8
  • Built-in light and microphone
  • USB connection, Plug & Play

Visualisation tool for all audiences

Project your documents
& share your experiences

The high-performance, ultra-practical document camera for all uses

Make your demos

The document camera is a professional tool sure to be of interest to any profession that involve showing paper documents, products or objects to customers through remote meetings.

Show your architectural plans, fabric samples, colour charts, jewellery, or any other product that needs to be placed on a flat surface to be viewed properly.


Ad hoc teleworking or collaboration between agencies working at a distance from each other is increasingly common in companies.

To facilitate work between employees – especially when this work involves working on paper documents or objects – the document camera makes the job significantly easier.

A distance learning

Distance learning in manual skills, such as drawing, painting, cooking or sewing, requires a great deal of technical preparation in order to obtain shots from above.

A small stand-mounted camera, such as the SpeechiCam 7 document camera, allows you to film horizontally with minimal preparation: plug the document camera into your PC, adjust the height of the camera, and you’re ready to go!


The SpeechiCam 7 Document camera

The ready-to-use Speechi document camera with USB connection, easy to learn and use

Plug and Play Document camera

Simple & efficient
document sharing

The SpeechiCam 7 document camera is a visualisation tool that requires no installation, setup or special skills.

This no-fuss, all-purpose plug and play document camera simply needs to be plugged into a USB port to operate.

Thanks to its articulated, mobile arm, you can precisely adjust the viewing height of its camera to be as close as possible to anything you want to share with your audience.

Interactive display & document camera

Life-size display

Connecting your SpeechiCam 7 document camera to an interactive display gives you a great place
to share your documents. Display what you are shooting in a large format on a projection surface
between 65″ and 86″. Show your documents with clarity and precision thanks to its
4K Ultra High Definition. Take advantage of the smart touch of the Speechi interactive display, under the Eye Present
Pro software: select with your finger, write with your pen and erase with the back of your hand.

Your objects and content in 4K on an interactive display with the SpeechiCam 7 document camera

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