Smart interactive touchscreen display – what it is, and why you should use one

From interactive whiteboards to digital signage and touchscreen displays, smart interactive screens have taken the world by storm – and it’s easy to see why.

With so many different types of this versatile technology out there to suit every industry and use-case, the choice can be overwhelming.

It’s also easy to forget just how much this technology can help both us and the people we work with – whether they’re pupils, students, customers, patients, or guests.

What is a smart interactive touchscreen display?

What is a smart interactive touchscreen display?

A smart touchscreen display can essentially be described as a giant tablet – it is a large screen that has elements of a computer built into it. It can be connected to the internet, and it responds to the touch of a fingertip or stylus.

Speechi interactive touchscreen displays are based on Android and Windows operating systems, which are both speedy and user-friendly.

What this means is that they don’t take any time to start up, they don’t require any prior configuration or calibration, and everyone will find them easy to use – whether they’re a child, a member of the public, a CEO or a teacher.

There is also a massive range of free and paid software designed for smart interactive touchscreens, and they cover every use case – from presentation-building tools to ready-made lesson slides, brainstorming platforms, and digital display builders.

Why use a smart interactive touchscreen display?

Why use a smart interactive touchscreen display?

Bring your classroom to life

As a teacher or educator, you will know how difficult it can be to retain the attention of a classroom full of children. Smart interactive touchscreen displays offer a myriad of benefits over using traditional whiteboards.

Create fun, dynamic presentations that get pupils involved, create bright, colourful brainstorms on the screen, and incorporate fun videos and animations into your lessons. By adopting smart interactive whiteboards at your school, you can captivate your students and cover every kind of learning style.

Make sales skyrocket at your store

Running a clothing shop? Instead of decking your storefront with static posters, why not showcase your new season edit with striking videos of models wearing your fashion, and strutting down a catwalk? Or if you’ve got promotions in-store, why not create a slick, eye-catching animation that lets customers know they can get up to 50% off? This is just a glimpse of what you can achieve with a smart interactive touchscreen display.

With a fleet of smart displays on the shop floor, customers can browse your online catalogue, filter by product type or size, and even order products to their home address.

Offer self-service at your café or fast-food restaurant

When it comes to drawing customers to your eatery, nothing works better than a HD screen display that pans across sharp, vivid images of your mouth-watering dishes.

Smart interactive touchscreen display

You can also use a smart interactive touchscreen display to show your menu, and advertise special deals. Want to take things to the next level, and deliver the ultimate customer experience? Set up a group of smart interactive touchscreen displays at the front of your café, and turn them into self-service kiosks.

Not only do they make it quicker and easier for customers to order food, but you’ll also see shorter queues than ever before – so your staff will be under less pressure.

Offer maps of your university campus or shopping centre

No matter what area you work in, if you manage a space that can be challenging to navigate, interactable maps will give members of the public a seamless experience navigating their way round.

Offer maps that zoom in and out, offer the ability to filter by shop type or room type, and add a search bar function for those who have a particular store or room in mind. The possibilities are endless!