Videoconferencing system SpeechiTouch Visio Windows

A complete solution to connect each other
Resolution 4K UHD



Infrared technology



Available sizes
Available sizes

65”, 75”, 86”

version Android 9

Android 9

Tactile: 20 touchpoints

20 touchpoints

Optional: On-board Windows PC


Built-in Windows PC


touchscreen's storage

Videoconferencing camera


Speakers' power

Mic and speakers

Complete sound system

Videoconferencing system

Connect, create, and share remotely

Easy videoconferencing

All your videoconferencing kit is at your fingertips with no need to plug in any extras.
Start the video call in less than 3 minutes.
Secure connection.

Windows and Android interfaces.

No more pre-settings.

End of cable management.

Compatible with your favourite software.

Interactive screen: make your professional videoconferences a success
Touch videoconferencing: remote meetings made easy
Connected meeting room

Create a videoconferencing room

There is a videoconferencing screen size that suits you.

Here and there

Improvised remote meetings (or not)

The SpeechiTouch Visio Windows interactive screen is designed like all our other touch screens, it simply incorporates an additional video conferencing system and a Windows environment. You can therefore produce the same face-to-face meetings as with our other screens.

Réunions connectées: écran tactile pour visio efficacesSalle de réunion 2.0: écran Android pour visio réussies


Your tools, your methods

Touchscreen: simplify your remote videoconferencing

Use your videoconferencing platform

Whether you opt for a Windows software (via our embedded PC) an Android app or Windows software, the SpeechiTouch Visio Windows digital display is designed to run your favourite tool.

Remote meetings: interactive screen for collaboration

Your whiteboard

Find our whiteboard software on your SpeechiTouch Visio Windows interactive screen – create, delete and repeat as much as you like. In screen-sharing mode, write down ideas from all participants and make it easy for everyone to see your projects.

All the features of a SpeechiTouch display

The SpeechiTouch Visio Windows interactive screen has an integrated videoconferencing system, while retaining the strengths and features that have made the SpeechiTouch range so successful.

A powerful Windows environment.

A user-friendly Android interface.

A smart and practical sidebar.
A comprehensive app store.
An ultra-precise touchscreen.
Rich modern connectivity.
Access to the SpeechiCloud.
Interactive screen: smooth and collaborative videoconferencing
Interactive screen: successful business meetings via video


Project whatever is on your mobile devices

Share content from your PCs, tablets and smartphones on the SpeechiTouch Visio screen using the interactive display’s built-in BYOD software. A screen that doesn’t require cables.
Android screen: intuitive videoconferencing in meetings

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