What is digital signage? Definition, examples, and cost

Although you may not yet know what digital signage is, you will almost certainly have seen it everywhere in your day-to-day life.

Read on to find out what digital signage is, the versatility of this technology, and what factors to keep in mind when estimating the cost of a digital signage solution.

Digital signage definition

Digital signage (sometimes referred to as electronic signage) refers to the use of electronic display screens for showcasing information, adverts, and multimedia content to public audiences.

Digital signage definition

Advertising and communication methods have evolved drastically in recent years, and digital signage has proven to be an incredibly effective way of capturing audience attention.

Examples of digital signage

If you have ever walked through London’s Oxford Street, Regent Street or Piccadilly Circus, your view will undoubtedly have been dominated by digital signage.

Examples of digital signage

All the billboards and screens announcing store-wide sales, limited-edition collections, new-season ranges and exclusive collaborations are examples of this technology in action.

With products and services being showcased in such bold, vivid colours and high definition, these displays will inevitably attract your attention – even if you are not looking to buy anything.

Have you walked into a fast-food restaurant and quickly browsed their menu on a screen behind the till? Otherwise, has your local café displayed their menu, hot-drink and snack offers, breakfast deals, or membership perks on a giant TV screen?

Once again, these are all examples of digital signage sharing useful, relevant information with their respective audiences. On top of this, high-definition photographs and videos of perfect cups of coffee, fresh croissants and delicious sandwiches will undoubtedly have influenced many a customer’s purchase decisions.

From GP surgeries and pharmacies to dental clinics and veterinary surgeries, you are likely to have watched digital signage displays passively in waiting rooms to pass the time.

In pharmacies, for example, they are often used to highlight the importance of getting seasonal flu vaccines, share handy tips on how to keep common colds at bay, or let customers know about additional services that may be offered by the pharmacy branch.

Veterinary waiting rooms may remind pet owners to keep on top of their pets’ medical schedules through a flea-prevention product campaign, and dental surgery waiting rooms may use digital signage screens to share information on the cosmetic dental procedures they offer.

Digital signage display costs

Digital signage display costs

When estimating the cost of your digital signage solution, it is important to think about the screen-size you will need, and the scope of how much equipment you will require. For example, will you need a single screen for your café, a few screens spread across your store, or an entire fleet of them distributed across your retail space?

In terms of screen size, Speechi screens come in a range of models that measure between 43” and 86”. All of our screens have 4K Ultra High Definition resolution, so their display quality is unparalleled – but 4K UHD resolution generally comes at a higher cost than a standard HD display.

You may have noticed that product costs are not listed on our website.

This is because we offer tailor-made pricing quotations, so contact our expert teams today to get your custom pricing quote. Our agents will also provide you with valuable advice, recommendations and guidance, so you can rest assured that you will get exactly the right set of digital signage solutions for your needs.


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