Wholesale smart screen displays – Speechi as a Manufacturer & Supplier

Are you a reseller looking for world-class manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale smart screen displays?

If so, Speechi is an unrivalled choice when it comes to sourcing your stock. We are France’s most popular manufacturer and supplier of wholesale smart screen displays, which perfectly reflects our industry excellence.

Prices for our products are also available on quotation, so you can bulk-buy the very best smart screen displays at a tailor-made price.

France’s top manufacturer and supplier of smart screen displays and interactive whiteboards

With nearly two decades of expertise manufacturing and supplying interactive screen technology, Speechi carefully selects world-class components for its solutions. SpeechiTouch electronic whiteboards are offered with a range of screen dimensions to suit every purpose and budget.

Users can also choose between Windows and Android operating systems – so no matter what your target customer profile is, we can cater to their needs.

Why to opt for Speechi as your wholesale vendor

Why to opt for Speechi as your wholesale vendor

Since 2004, Speechi has equipped over 150,000 classrooms, meeting rooms and offices with digital whiteboards and interactive screens.

By opting for Speechi as a manufacturer and wholesale supplier, you can harness our best-in-class expertise and in-depth understanding of customer needs. This means that no matter who choose to target as a reseller, you can offer them all the right products.

A supplier of Android and Windows interactive screens

In recent years, smart screen displays have taken a number of sectors by storm due to their versatility and ease-of-use.


Our smart screens are equipped with Android cores, and the models in our premium range – SpeechiTouch Pro – offer the option of OPS Windows 10. Our models are also organised under 4 distinct brands:

SpeechiTouch,SuperGlass and SpeechiTouch Pro. Each brand offers a range of screen sizes to fit every type of space: 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, 86 inches and 98 inches.

A provider of interactive video projectors

Interactive video projectors are another type of solution that is being widely adopted in schools, offices and museums. Interactive video projectors make a surface interactable by touch – so end-users can embrace fun, innovative approaches to learning, discovery, and education. Speechi also offers Android boxes that can be linked to these devices.

By combining an Android box with an interactive video projector, users can transform the surface that the image is projected onto, and turn it into a giant Android touch-screen.

Teachers can then pull up a wide range of teaching applications to aid their pupils’ learning.

A wholesale manufacturer and supplier of visualisers

Along with HD and 4K UHD cameras, wireless microphones and loudspeakers, Speechi also designs, creates and supplies visualisers – a camera that can be linked to a video projector or interactive screen. A visualiser’s purpose is to project magnified, high-detail views of small objects onto your smart screen display.

A wholesale manufacturer and supplier of visualisers

This makes it perfect for highlighting passages from a book, newspaper clippings, or even the macro details of plant and insect specimens. Whether your customers intend to present to primary school pupils or senior researchers, their audiences will be completely captivated.

Zero commitment for 10 days on selected products

By choosing Speechi as a wholesale manufacturer and provider of interactive screen technology, you get the option of loaning selected devices for up to 10 days.

This way, you can get a better idea of their size, usability, and ensure that our products are the ones you want to resell. All devices that are available to loan have a green ‘Test this product’ button next to them.

To take a look at our smart screen displays in person before taking the leap, you can also visit our French showrooms, which are located in Paris and Lille.