Interactive whiteboard dimensions – how to pick the right screen size

With the wide range of screen-sizes available on the market, identifying the right screen dimensions for your use case can prove to be a tricky task. SpeechiTouch 4K HD interactive screens come in six different sizes – 43”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 86”, 98 and 105” – so you will be sure to find one that meets your needs.

With so many options available, what are the best criteria to take into account when choosing the best interactive whiteboard?

As industry experts, we would recommend considering two main criteria – the environment, and the intended audience.

The environment factor is a simpler one to consider, as it involves measuring the dimensions of the room or space in which you intend to display the digital whiteboard, and ensuring that it will fit. The intended audience factor is more complex – you will need to think about who the future users are, and what the intended purpose of the interactive whiteboard is.

For example, will you be installing it in a classroom full of primary school students, or a board room of employees? Even if the screen fits into the room, will everyone in the space be able to see clearly?

55 inch interactive whiteboard

How to choose the best screen for your space : 55 inch, 43, 65, 75, or 86 ?

The environment – classrooms and meeting rooms

If you are going to use your electronic whiteboard in a classroom or meeting room, you will need to take the class size or meeting-room capacity into consideration. The depth of the room, the number of people in the audience, and their seating plan will determine the size you need.

For example, for a standard classroom with a depth of approximately 6m and a capacity of around 30 students, a 75-inch screen would be the best choice. If your space is less than 6m in depth, a 55-inch or 65-inch screen would be a better option. For much larger rooms and lecture halls, for example, you would need to opt for a larger screen – like our 86-inch or 98-inch options.

The intended audience: Pupils and teachers or employees

Whether your target audience is pupils and teachers or employees, it is important to take into account whether a single user would mainly be presenting slides, or whether pupils or colleagues would frequently be called up to interact with the screen.

In the latter case, keeping the audience’s age, size and height in mind is crucial – for example, a large interactive whiteboard in a primary school would not be particularly useful if it is too high for children to reach.

55 inch interactive whiteboard & 43 inch 65, 75, 86, 4K

In nurseries, a 55” or 65” screen size would be perfect, with a screen mount that can be height-adjusted for kids.

In primary schools and small meeting rooms, a 65” or 75” screen size would be better suited, and a height-adjustable screen mount would still be advised.

In secondary schools, colleges and standard meeting rooms, we would recommend a 75” screen size. The room size will likely be larger to accommodate adults, and if used in schools, student height would be less of an issue at this stage.

For larger spaces (40+ people), an 86” screen may be preferable.

In university lecture rooms, auditoriums and board rooms, the largest screens would be the best option.

Since the space is much larger, a larger screen is important for everyone in the room to see and hear – so in this case, an 86” or 98” screen would be ideal.