Interactive whiteboard software – choosing the right option for your teams

Learn more about the free and paid software options on the market for interactive whiteboards.

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Interactive whiteboard software has emerged as a pivotal tool for companies looking to foster dynamic, engaging interactions between employees.

This software enables users to leverage the potential of interactive whiteboards by supplementing them with a wide range of features.

Learn more about the software programs included with Speechi products to make more informed decisions on the best software for your needs.

As France’s leading provider of digital whiteboards powered by smart technology, Speechi products are already used in more than 150,000 meeting rooms and classrooms. To ensure seamless integration and limitless flexibility for all of its users, they also offer a range of enterprise-level software suites with many different options. These include:

  • Iolaos: Iolaos is a turn-key, intuitive presentation software that helps users lead meetings and lessons. It offers features such as the ability to add annotations to any Windows application, take backups of a presentation, and save all of the notes and documents created over the course of a meeting. These can then be shared with audiences.
  • Draft: Draft is a visual management software that is specially designed for collaborative working. With the ability to create and move visual assets across the screen in real-time, it is perfect for leading strategic meetings and workshops. This flexible, intuitive application does not require any configuration on SpeechiTouch interactive screens – and best of all, once a user activates their licence, they can request free training delivered directly by Draft themselves.
  • Touchify: Touchify is a software platform that focuses on the creation of interactive content – and they have joined forces with Speechi to develop dynamic display technology, interactive content, and screen customisation. With Touchify, users can seamlessly design and create immersive presentations that can be explored by audiences. For example, visual elements can be made to appear or disappear, certain assets can be made clickable, and you can even create a tree-view for your presentation, so audiences can browse slides at their leisure.
  • Ubikey: Ubikey is the very first collaborative software developed for interactive touch-screens, and is designed to help companies embrace a lean, agile approach. As collaborative tools became more modern, a demand emerged for interactive software that is specially designed for interactive whiteboards. To meet this demand, software publisher Ubikey released the first collaborative software to harness the full potential of interactive digital whiteboards – with a focus on multi-touch, differentiation between fingers and styluses, and much more. Ubikey software licences are valid for 2 years (24 months) per user ID, and user IDs can be assigned to multiple projects and users.
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  • Compatible with widely-used software: Speechi interactive whiteboards are powered by Windows and Android, which means you can seamlessly integrate all the most popular software programs on the market. Looking to use Skype, Microsoft Teams or Zoom software with your digital whiteboard? If so, our SpeechiTouch smart whiteboards are the perfect choice for you. If you have any other software programs in mind, simply reach out to our advisors, who can provide you with advice and assistance.

Why choose Speechi interactive whiteboards?

With the range of options and products available on the market, choosing the right digital whiteboard for your needs can prove to be a daunting task. The decision-making process can become even trickier with the proliferation of software options, too – which is why Speechi’s expert teams are on hand to guide you in the right direction.

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Since our digital whiteboards are based on benchmark operating systems, they are already versatile by design – and our teams of advisors will tell you more about our exclusive software suites, the use-cases they are best suited to, and which one will be the best match for your budget and needs.