Interactive wall display: 86 inch & 4K Interactive Screen Display

Looking to create an interactive wall display with an 86-inch screen, and 4k UHD screen resolution? You’re in the right place – at Speechi, we offer a range of different options for a setup like this.

Read on to find out what factors you can use to narrow down your choice.

Across our SpeechiDisplay and SpeechiTouch ranges, we offer a total of 11 different screen models with an 89-inch, 4k interactive screen display – so we have summarized the main features that set these models apart from one another. It is worth asking yourself whether you need each of these features for your use-case, because they all affect the total price of your setup.

A range of features for your 86” 4K interactive wall display

Interactive Screen Display

Webcam or no webcam?

In some cases, it may be in your interest to have a camera built into your interactive wall display. Are your target users going to be video-calling people from other devices?

Do you intend to set up facial recognition as a form of security on your interactive wall display? If so, a webcam would be useful – however, if your wall display is simply for customers or guests to browse presentations, you can save on overall costs by skipping the camera element.

Speaker system or no speaker system?

Do you intend to include audio elements in your wall display, like videos and background music? If so, then acoustic quality is important, and it may be worth looking for a model with immersive sound.

However, if you do not intend to include sound elements in your wall display, then you can pick models that don’t prioritise sound quality.

Android, Windows, or both?

Most interactive screens from Speechi have Android interfaces, but more recently, we have started to offer touchscreens with Windows OPS modules.

intnteractive wall display

Android cores offer a quick, intuitive interface that is easy to use – but on top of this, Windows OPS modules offer more power – closer to that of a PC. If you are looking to create a simple wall display, then the power of Android cores will be more than enough – but for more complex and detailed presentations, it is worth investing more money in an interactive screen powered by Windows.

Antimicrobial or regular screen?

Two of our SpeechiTouch 86” models are equipped with an antimicrobial finish – a multi-layered nano-silver coating that kills 99.9999% of germs over a 24-hour period. This prevents bacteria from accumulating on the screen, and reduces the risk of cross-contamination when different people interact with the screen.

This option is particularly useful in spaces designed to welcome patients, such as waiting rooms at GP surgeries, dental surgeries, and pharmacies. However, outside of these use-cases, it may be worth using a regular screen (which can be wiped clean regularly).

Software to enhance your display screen

Software to enhance your display screen

If you are looking for a comprehensive bundle that will help you get started creating your 4K UHD interactive screen display, we recommend opting for the 86-inch dynamic display kit.

This bundle contains the SpeechiDisplay 86” screen, along with a 1-year licence for Touchify display software. Touchify is a must-have software suite for interactive wall displays: the Studio platform enables users to create stunning dynamic content – and with the Publisher tool, you can deploy your dynamic content across a fleet of wall display screens.

It is worth noting that the Touchify software licence can be purchased as a standalone product, and is compatible with both SpeechiDisplay and SpeechiTouch screens.