Interactive whiteboard features and functions

Here at Speechi, we don’t just sell standalone digital whiteboards. We also offer a range of features and software suites that will simplify your day-to-day tasks, no matter how you intend to use your interactive whiteboard.

The only tool that combines PowerPoint, HTML5, voice and annotations

Compatible with Windows

Speechi interactive whiteboards work with PowerPoint (32-bit and 64-bit versions).

Live and pre-made presentation options

You can choose to prepare presentations slide-by-slide in advance (Conference mode), or create them live with your audience (Studio mode).

features interactive whiteboard

For presenters

If you are looking to create striking, engaging presentations, Speechi interactive whiteboards offer a number of fantastic features and functions that will simplify your day-to-day work. With more than 200 PowerPoint animations supported, you can give your slides a dynamic edge – and you can also insert videos and animations into your Speechi display.

There are also a lot of available customisation features. For example, the speaker’s photo, name, and email address can be incorporated into presentations, and the wheel icon offers a range of tools for drawing and writing on the whiteboard, with colour and pen-thickness options. The PowerPoint contents table is very simple and easy to edit.

Speechi interactive whiteboards offer many options in terms of audio and sound. The speaker’s voice and video can be synced with slides and animations, users can integrate pre-existing sound and video files into their presentations, and select high-fidelity, high-definition sound and video recording.

Want to showcase additional resources in your presentation? With Speechi digital whiteboards, you can insert supplementary documents and links into your presentation. If you have a low connection speed, that won’t be a problem – you can select your presentation file’s size and quality level – so it will even run smoothly on a 56K connection. And in just one click, you can publish your presentation online.

For learners

interactive whiteboard functions

Speechi digital whiteboards deliver the ultimate experience for learners, with all the resources offered by the internet (quite literally) at your fingertips. Our screens generate HTML5 presentations that play on all the latest, most popular platforms and web browsers (e.g., Android, iOS, Mac, PC, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).

Learners can intuitively control presentations with Play, Pause and Stop buttons, as well as a volume control for audio.

Users can also choose between different viewing modes – like normal mode, zoom mode, and much more.

Usable as an e-learning tool

Speechi electronic whiteboards meet SCORM standards, a solid benchmark for for e-learning – and they are compatible with any LMSs (learning management systems) that are also SCORM-compliant. From quizzes and questionnaires to worksheets, you can also integrate a number of engaging options to your e-learning resources.

Interacts with traditional whiteboards

Still attached to more standard tools? If so, don’t worry – with a Speechi interactive whiteboard, you can add the contents of a traditional physical whiteboard into your PowerPoint presentation. You can also use an eBeam Edge projector screen and virtual marker to annotate your presentation, and control your PC remotely.