The best digital signage display for your retail space (Solution & Software)

As technologies evolve, so do our communication methods and tools.

This is why digital signage has become popular everywhere as a way of sharing information and alerts – from schools and GP surgeries to retail stores and businesses.

What is a digital signage display?

What is a digital signage display?

In simple terms, a digital signage display is a set of screens that simultaneously broadcast digital content and media.

Explore our range of Android digital signage screens, designed by Speechi (SuperGlass & SpeechiDisplay screens).

With our digital signage displays, you can include branding and communication at the forefront of your digital transformation.

Whether their purpose is to share information with guests or advertise your products to customers, our professional signage screens will bring your communication to life and help you connect with your target audience.

What are the advantages of using a digital signage display?

What are the advantages of using a digital signage display?

By setting up a digital signage display with screens from the CM Series and SpeechiDisplay ranges, you get:

  • A high-performance integrated Android system that you can install any kind of APK files onto, along with dynamic display applications without purchasing a specific media player.
  • A 4K UHD screen resolution that showcases all of your video and picture media in stunning clarity.
  • Powerful luminosity that makes your displayed content stand out in every lighting condition.
  • Screens that can be positioned in portrait or landscape mode.
  • The ability to display another device’s screen on the display support with adapted connectivity in the CM Series, and the ScreenShare application on SpeechiDisplay models.
  • A wide range of screen-sizes, from 43” to 86”.

Why shift from print communication to digital signage?

Why shift from print communication to digital signage?

There are major advantages to adopting a digital signage display.

By bringing your content to life, you can ensure that your advertising campaigns or communications are more impactful and captivating for your target audience. Secondly, it is much easier to control your messaging on a dynamic display screen.

For example, are you looking to generate some buzz before holding a massive sale? Your staff no longer have to go through the time-consuming process of manually taking down standard advertising posters one by one, and replacing them with the sale posters.

Instead, you can switch from one display to the other with the click of a button.

Want to switch your display posters to showcase your new season of products? Again, as long as you have the assets, you can do so in one click.

How to identify the best digital signage display for your needs

First of all, you will need to identify which screen size you want, because our ranges offer a number of different sizes. It is also worth comparing prices with various providers to ensure that you are getting the best value for performance.

Speechi offers 10 different dynamic display screen models, which vary in price depending on their built-in hardware and features.

For example, not every screen offers the same level of image quality: some offer High Definition screen resolution, while others offer 4K Ultra High Definition.

Depending on your use-case, it may also be worth adding an anti-smudge protector to your screen.

It is worth carefully considering what features and software are most important for your digital signage display, because the more extras you want, the more you will see the price go up.


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