The best interactive whiteboards for classrooms, schools and education

Digital technology is revolutionising the way organisations function everywhere, and educational institutions are no exception to the rule. Interactive whiteboards have emerged as a game-changer for classrooms and schools, enabling educators to deliver engaging, immersive lessons that foster increased participation from students.

Why use interactive whiteboards in classrooms, schools and education?

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Interactive whiteboards have become increasingly popular in classrooms for a number of reasons – unlike traditional whiteboards, where the teacher manually writes information on the board (often for students to copy), interactive whiteboards provide a visually immersive, dynamic, and more active learning experience that incorporates multimedia integration.

Most importantly, it makes information more easily digestible and accessible to everyone in the classroom. Here are some key reasons why interactive whiteboards are being widely adopted in educational settings:

  • Increased involvement from students. If there is one thing all teachers can agree on, it’s that no two students are the same. Some are shy while others are more extroverted; some will find it easy to learn with written information, and others will prefer visual aids, graphs and quizzes. What certainly is clear is that a hands-on, immersive and active learning environment is significantly more effective as a teaching approach. Comprehension is improved, more information is retained, and students will listen more when they are directly involved in contributing, mind-mapping and brainstorming.
  • More accessible learning. With an interactive whiteboard, teachers can say goodbye to the days of worrying about whether students can read their handwriting clearly, take notes quickly enough, or see properly from the back of the classroom.
    With a unified font, text is easily readable – and educators can enrich their presentations with graphs, charts, illustrations and questionnaires. With this in mind, students with dyslexia or other reading difficulties, for example, can digest information much more smoothly. Through quizzes and interactive assessments, teachers can gauge which topics their students have a clear understanding of, and which subjects will require a recap. Best of all, digital whiteboards offer the option of recording and saving presentations, annotations, and brainstorms – so students can access and re-read the information any time.
    interactive whiteboard for education
  • Compatible with digital learning tools and resources. Gone are the days of printing 30+ worksheets, photocopying workbooks, and frantically looking for the browser tab with the right online resources on it.
    Interactive whiteboards can integrate seamlessly with a wide range of digital tools, resources and software – so teachers have a wealth of teaching materials at their fingertips. Speechi interactive whiteboards for classrooms are powered by Android and Windows, which makes them intuitive and easy-to-use for everyone. Finally, a lesser-known benefit of using electronic whiteboards is that they foster digital literacy in the minds of the students using them – thus contributing to the development of a crucial skill they will need in future.

Why opt for interactive whiteboards from Speechi?

With over 150,000 classrooms and meeting rooms using its products, Speechi is France’s leading provider of interactive whiteboard technology. Speechi leverages decades of expertise in smart whiteboard technology to help its customers find the right solution for its needs, which is why prices are only available on quotation.

Speechi’s team of experts will guide you in finding the right solution for your needs and budget – taking into account important factors like classroom dimensions, seating layouts, and student ages. Their turn-key digital whiteboards can be ordered with a range of hardware accessories, such as wireless microphones, webcams and loudspeakers.

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Users can also choose from a range of software programs to simplify their work, including Ubikey, Touchify and Draft. Get in touch with Speechi today, and turn classrooms into a fun environment for both teachers and students.


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