The benefits of setting up an interactive display whiteboard

Wondering whether an interactive display whiteboard would be the right type of technology to embrace in your business?

With the range of spaces that are completely transformed by them, it is safe to assume that the answer is yes.

From meeting rooms to classrooms, galleries and museums to shopping centres and patient waiting rooms, interactive whiteboards with dynamic displays are the perfect way to liven up any space.

Pharmacies & interactive display whiteboard

Pharmacies & benefit of setting interactive display whiteboard

Whether you are looking to deliver the very best customer experience, advertise products more, or raise awareness of public health, interactive display whiteboards are a fantastic way to achieve your goals if you run a pharmacy.

For example, mounting your interactive whiteboard screen high-up on a wall is perfect if you want to display eye-catching, dynamic adverts for the very latest medication, cosmetic ranges, or product promotions. Likewise, you can play informative videos on the importance of receiving a flu jab during flu season, tips for minimizing the effects of hayfever in spring, and the risks of going without sunscreen during the summer months.

A simple display like this is likely to result in a significant increase in sales, because while customers may not be entering your store for that specific product, it is being passively advertised to them.

If you are looking to install your interactive display whiteboard on the shop floor of your pharmacy, you will see an even bigger return on investment. What if customers could use your digital whiteboard to browse the products in your online catalogue, make orders in-store, and check the prices of items they want to buy? You could even go a step further and add questionnaires that will direct them towards the right product.

With this kind of setup, customers can find out what their skin type is, and get recommendations on the best moisturising cream – or customers with curly hair can find exactly what shampoos would be best for their hair type. The possibilities really are endless.

Waiting rooms – clinics and GP surgeries

 interactive display whiteboard and Waiting rooms – clinics and GP surgeries

At best, waiting rooms can evoke a sense of mild boredom for patients – and at worst, they can be a place where many, particularly children, are likely to feel nervous. In any case, installing an interactive display whiteboard is the perfect way to provide customers with a welcome distraction.

Like with pharmacies, your patient waiting rooms are the perfect space to share practical tips for staying in good health, maintaining impeccable dental hygiene – or otherwise, you can advertise any cosmetic dental procedures you offer.

By giving patients the ability to interact with your touch-screen display whiteboard, you can offer an even better experience – for example, by setting up a patient check-in or appointment booking system on your whiteboard, you can reduce queues at reception, and save valuable time for your receptionists.

Hotel receptions

Interactive display screens are the perfect addition to hotel receptions, as you can use them to display important practical information for guests.

interactive display whiteboard Hotel receptions

For example, by displaying the times that breakfast is served, the price, and a few stunning images of what types of food you offer, you can ensure that none of your customers miss the most important meal of the day.

Do you offer room service, are there set times where the reception will be unmanned, or does your hotel have a pool with specific opening hours?

If so, it is worth sharing all of this information on your interactive display whiteboard – so customers can get the very most out of their stay.