Collaborative digital whiteboard solutions – systems and software

Use the right digital whiteboard, system, and software to take collaborative working to the next level.

With the rate at which digital technology is transforming the ways we share information and collaborate, a company’s ability to communicate and collaborate effectively can often spell out its success or failure.

In recent years – especially since the COVID-19 pandemic – digital whiteboard systems and software have emerged as a gamechanger for tackling this issue. Read on to find out more about how the right digital whiteboard solution can supercharge your workplace.

How digital whiteboard solutions power collaborative working

 How digital whiteboard solutions power collaborative working

Real-time collaboration

Imagine a virtual canvas where team members across the globe can come together, brainstorm ideas, collaborate seamlessly on projects, and visualise key concepts in real-time. This is effectively what a digital whiteboard is. While those attending a meeting in-person can interact with the screen display using their fingertip or stylus, others can connect to the exact same space via the internet and interact with it on their own devices. This way, everyone contributes equally, and no idea gets missed.

Dynamic visualisation

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Historically, many of us have relied on static PowerPoint presentations, note-taking or even pure verbal dialogue to exchange information – but the truth is that words can only do so much to convey complex ideas.

With a digital collaborative whiteboard, teams can sketch, draw diagrams, annotate, and integrate a variety of multimedia elements into their interactive whiteboard displays to bring their concepts to life. This flexibility not only covers a wider range of learning styles, but also fosters creative thinking in audiences.

Easy file sharing

Say goodbye to the days of sending updated PowerPoint files and meeting minutes back and forth. With Speechi digital whiteboards, you can quickly and easily send copies of files to all of your team members – whether they are presentation slides, end results of brainstorming sessions, or mind-mapping meetings.

Recipients will get absolutely everything covered in the meeting, i.e., the core information along with all of the notes and annotations made by fellow colleagues.

Enhanced productivity

Digital whiteboard systems do not just enhance idea-sharing – they offer many other benefits, too. By laying out your processes and organograms on a digital whiteboard, you can streamline your company’s workflows and ensure that workloads are delegated evenly across teams.

Corporate strategies are much easier to define and execute with a visual aid, so your employees will be able to focus on their work with a clear sense of purpose in what they do.

Systems and software for Speechi digital collaborative whiteboard solutions

Systems and software for Speechi digital collaborative whiteboard solutions

Android and Windows systems

Depending on the digital whiteboard model you pick, Speechi whiteboards run on Android and Windows user interfaces. With these intuitive, easy-to-use systems, users can get the very most of their interactive screens. Also, since there is no prior configuration or calibration required, you can simply power your device on and get started.

The Android interface is more lightweight, which makes it speedy and perfect for digital whiteboards that will be used for smaller-scale video calling. However, if you intend to host larger-scale video calls with dozens of participants, we recommend opting for a screen with a Windows interface.

Feature-rich software licences

Digital Whiteboard Speechi

Speechi offers a range of versatile, feature-rich software licences with its digital whiteboard ranges.

These software suites include applications like Iolaos for building impactful school lesson presentations; Draft, a world-class collaborative working and brainstorming tool; and Touchify, which is specially designed for digital signage and interactive displays.