Smart screen whiteboards for your business or classroom

Transform your business, classroom or board room into a dynamic, collaborative space for learning and idea-sharing.

With the rate at which smart-screen technology is transforming the way we work and learn, it is now more important than ever to find ways of embracing it in our schools and businesses.

After all, it plays a vital part in ensuring effective learning, idea-sharing, and collaboration.

Smart whiteboards have proven to be a game-changer in businesses and classrooms, and with good reason. Read on to learn about what a smart screen whiteboard is, and find out what sorts of benefits come with adopting these state-of-the-art devices.

What is a smart screen whiteboard?

What is a smart screen whiteboard?

To put it simply, a smart screen whiteboard is like a giant touchscreen tablet. It is connected to the internet, and can be connected to from other devices (e.g., smartphones, laptops, PCs).

However, with its larger display and up to 40 simultaneous touch-points on a screen, smart whiteboards are designed for use by multiple people at once.

The screen responds to contact from a fingertip or stylus, so users can add, move, change and manipulate items – like text boxes, annotations, images, videos, and more. In short, it offers the benefits of a traditional whiteboard combined with cutting-edge technology.

Why use smart screen whiteboards for your business or classroom?

Why use smart screen whiteboards for your business or classroom?
  • They foster seamless engagement and collaboration. In both businesses and classrooms, clear communication is vital as it facilitates the exchange of ideas. Students will not learn much if their lessons involve static presentations of curriculum material. Likewise, employees will not work cohesively in a meeting room where they are flooded with facts, figures and graphs. People are most engaged and invested in a subject when they are asked to share their opinions, discuss the topic with their peers, and reach a conclusion through collaborative idea-sharing. Smart screen whiteboards are designed to fulfil this exact purpose. With real-time document and slide sharing, multiple participants can add annotations, notes and suggestions over the course of the lesson or meeting.
  • It makes information more universally accessible. When using standard whiteboards in classrooms and business, half of the battle is trying to ensure that everyone in the room can see and hear your presentation clearly. With a range of different screen dimensions, visual and audio accessories to choose from, you can ensure that your setup is perfectly tailored to its teaching or working environment. There is also a limited amount of room to work with on traditional whiteboards, so information will need to be erased and written over as the meeting or lesson progresses – but since smart screen whiteboards provide virtually unlimited space, users can zoom in and out to carry on contributing ideas. The major benefit is that not everyone has to be in a classroom or office in-person to interact with the smart screen whiteboard. Participants can get involved remotely from their own devices – so if you are holding a meeting with a global team, attendees can contribute as if they were in the same meeting room.
  • It integrates seamlessly with teaching and business software. Speechi offers a range of software suites that add many useful features to your smart screen whiteboard – so you can save and share presentation slides, then share them with users worldwide. Speechi whiteboards also run on Windows and Android operating systems, so you can set up and use all the intuitive, popular tools you know and love – like Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, and any online teaching software you prefer.

Still not sure which smart screen whiteboard to pick for your classroom or business?

Still not sure which smart screen whiteboard to pick for your classroom or business?

With so many options and factors to take into consideration, picking the right smart screen whiteboard for your needs can be an overwhelming choice.

This is why Speechi’s expert teams are available to contact. They will provide tailored advice on the best setup for your needs and budget, along with a pricing quote. Get in touch today, and transform your classroom or business.


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