Digital interactive whiteboards – systems and solutions

Find out what systems and solutions are offered with Speechi digital interactive whiteboards.

What uses are there for a digital interactive whiteboard?

Digital interactive whiteboards – systems and solutions

In today’s rapidly-evolving tech landscape, digital whiteboards and interactive displays have already proven to be a massive asset in all kinds of settings – including meeting rooms, classrooms, university lecture halls, and even hotels.

Whether you are looking to foster collaborative working between employees or set up an informative display for customer waiting rooms, you will find the right solution and system for your needs.

How to set up a system for a digital interactive whiteboard

With so many hardware options and accessories to choose from, choosing the right smart whiteboard solutions can be a very daunting task – but at Speechi, our goal is to make systems and solutions as accessible as possible to everyone.

Simply get in touch with our expert teams, and they will be on-hand to design and recommend the right system for your needs. All you need to provide is practical information, such as what you intend to use the screen for, the dimensions of the room you want it in, potential seating plans, and what sorts of features you would find useful.

Systems and solutions

Are you running a hotel, dental surgery, or healthcare centre, for example?

There are many benefits to including dynamic displays and interactive digital whiteboards in these settings. In a hotel reception, guests will be happy to see information about the local weather forecast, advertisements for local tourism landmarks, or even currency exchange rates.

Dental surgeries can also display advertisements for procedure options, tips on maintaining good dental hygiene, or even a news channel to provide nervous patients with a welcome distraction. Systems like this would only require a digital smart display (like a giant version of a tablet), and a wall mount to secure it, for example.


However, you may want to take your system a step further, and add a self-check-in platform on your digital whiteboard for guests or patients. This will increase customer satisfaction by reducing waiting times – and receptionists can then work more efficiently on value-added tasks. This would simply require setup for a set of touch-screen smart whiteboards, rather than a digital smart display.

Interactive whiteboard solutions are also a fantastic option for universities and shopping centres. By setting up a system of touch-screen displays throughout a shopping centre, customers can then find their way around using detailed maps and floor-plans – and search for specific stores by name or type.

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Likewise, university students can benefit massively from a network of interactive whiteboards across their campus, with maps and lists of lecture rooms.

The most elaborate systems are generally designed for school classrooms and corporate meeting rooms. Digital whiteboards are perfect in these settings because they engage people, bring teams together, and promote collaborative working. In meeting rooms, for example, it would be ideal to have interactive whiteboards with specially-tailored software suites installed, along with webcams, microphones and loudspeakers so all attendees can be seen and heard.

In short, no matter which sector you operate in, touch-screen whiteboards will deliver the ultimate experience for you, your employees, and your customers. With Speechi, you also don’t have to worry about ordering unnecessary accessories or equipment – simply contact our expert teams, and they will guide you towards the right options for your needs and budget. Set up your digital whiteboard system today.