Interactive digital whiteboard price

As interactive digital whiteboards soar in popularity, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of options, screen-sizes and features available on the market.

Speechi’s goal is to make interactive digital whiteboards as accessible to everyone as possible – so no matter what your budget or use-case is, you’ll find the right option for your needs. Most of our prices are available on quotation, so reach out to our teams for an estimate – but in the meantime, here are some pointers on the factors that will affect your interactive digital whiteboard’s price.

There are several details that will affect the price of adopting interactive digital whiteboard technology. These include your choice of screen size, the operating system you prefer, any additional accessories you choose to integrate (e.g., a speaker system, loudspeakers, microphones, webcams).

The operating system – Windows, Android, or both?

The operating system of interactive digital whiteboard

It is important to consider the scale of your use when identifying the best operating system for your touch-screen whiteboard.

If you intend to use it for video calls, would there only be a few participants connecting online, or will you be holding video-conferencing calls that include 100+ employees? For smaller-scale use, Android is the perfect operating system to use – but for larger-scale calls that include a high number of participants, you will need the power of a Windows OS.

This option comes with a significant price difference – for example, while a 65” interactive whiteboard running on Android would cost cheaper than a 65” smart whiteboard running on Windows.

Screen size

Screen size is another factor that influences the cost of your touch-screen whiteboard – generally speaking, the larger the screen dimensions, the higher the price. Even if a high precision screen 65″ might be cheaper than a 75″ with a less advanced touch technology, the screen size often has an impact on prices.

Screen size and price of digital whiteboard

A 75” screen can cost between £2000 and £4000 – based on the average market note that this may evolved, depending on whether you opt for an Android or Windows operating system.

However, if you are looking to use your digital whiteboard regularly and place it in a large space, options like our 98” screens may well be preferable.

With a larger screen, everyone in your audience will be able to see and hear your presentation, and these whiteboards tend to have more built-in features.

A setup like this would require reaching out to our teams, who provide prices on quotation. While the up-front cost of a larger screen may seem pricey, you will see your productivity skyrocket – and you are also likely to save a significant amount on business travel.


While our interactive whiteboards include a range of built-in hardware and software options, it may be of interest to consider supplementing these with other state-of-the-art Speechi products. To provide an idea of cost, you can pay under £500 for a 4K auto-tracking camera, while a full-HD auto-tracking camera would cost around £900.

price Accessories of interactive whiteboard

If you are just looking for a cost-friendly bundle of options to get started, however, we offer a video-conferencing kit for under £900 that includes a camera, microphone, and loudspeaker. We also offer both free and paid software licences – so if you are looking to purchase a particular type of software, it is important to factor that cost into your budget.

Not sure where to start?

Don’t worry – our expert teams will provide tailored advice on the best setup for your needs, and offer pricing quotations – so you only pay for exactly what you will use.

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