Interactive whiteboard for conference room – how to transform large spaces with smart whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are the perfect addition to your conference room, training centre, board room or auditorium – but deciding on the best interactive whiteboard for your needs can be a tricky task.

There are many options on the market, and each model has its own features and benefits. Speechi is here to shed some light on this particular type of use case, and guide you on the technology you will need.

A large screen for larger audiences

A large screen for larger audiences

Whether you are hosting a conference, a training course, or a lesson, it is vital to ensure that everyone attending can see and hear comfortably.

After all, how can employees contribute effectively in meetings when they cannot hear what the person across the room from them is saying, and how can trainees retain information when they are straining to see the slides? With Speechi interactive whiteboard for conference rooms, these issues can be left in the past.

Before purchasing an interactive whiteboard for your conference room, it is wise to think first about your intended seating plan for the room, and what sort of mount would be best for your screen. For example, would it be best on a free-standing mount that can be wheeled around, or would it be better-viewed while fixed to a wall?

One thing is certain, though – a large audience needs a large screen, so those who are sat further away can view the content. For larger spaces like conference rooms and auditoriums, we would recommend our two largest screen-sizes – the SpeechiTouch SuperGlass+ Android 11 86” and 98” screens.

To give you a better idea of what 98 inches looks like, the screen measures at almost 2.5 metres diagonally. However, it is important to remember that screen-size is not the only important factor to consider – image resolution should also be a deciding factor.

Generally, there are two levels of image quality: HD (High Definition) and 4K, otherwise known as UHD (Ultra High Definition).

How to choose the best interactive whiteboard for your conference room

How to choose the best interactive whiteboard for your conference room

So far, we have covered placement, screen-size, and image quality for smart whiteboards – but of course, there are many other needs that must be identified. To offer the very best experience with your interactive whiteboard for conference rooms, you will need to review the features that are offered with your screen.

For example, if other participants are connecting remotely from other locations, investing in a wireless microphone would be a good idea. Not only is the audio and dialogue crystal-clear for all attendees – the speaker is also able to move freely and express themselves in the room.

Communication is paramount in conferences – which is why our Super Glass Android screens have a built-in full HD camera – but if you want to take camera quality to the next level, you can opt for one of our 4K UHD cameras as a supplementary device.

Looking to play videos, animations, or music on the interactive whiteboard in your conference room?

If so, it is important to ensure that your smart whiteboard can deliver optimal audio quality for multimedia files. Additionally, since an interactive whiteboard is effectively a scaled-up tablet, users should not overlook the wide range of collaborative tools at their fingertips.

how to transform large spaces

With up to 40 touch-points on a single screen, multiple participants in your conference can add annotations, notes and drawings to conference presentations. Users can also modify data in real-time.

We know that identifying the best interactive whiteboard for your conference room will still not be easy – but if you don’t know where to start, our expert teams are on-hand to provide tailored advice on the best setup for your needs.

Contact us today for advice, guidance, and a pricing quote.