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With the right enterprise-level technology and interactive displays for meeting rooms, you can transform your business into a lively hub for collaborative working.

However, this is easier said than done. There are many factors to keep in mind when introducing interactive display technology into meeting rooms and conference rooms, so in this article we have listed a few tips on what you should consider before making a purchase.

There are many advantages to adopting interactive conference room displays in the office – they connect teams across the globe, reduce corporate travel costs, and turn remote working into a seamless experience. This is why interactive whiteboards have proven to be especially popular in many companies, organisations and training centres as a go-to way of collaborating.

Nonetheless, to ensure that you get the very most out of the technology you invest in, it is important to decide on which room is best-adapted for videoconferencing equipment. You should also think about the seating plan in your conference room before deciding on which products to purchase.

Points to consider when choosing your interactive conference display

Points to consider when choosing your interactive conference display

Before you start picking out the best interactive screen for remote conferences or a wireless microphone for Zoom calls, you should define your own needs carefully. How many people will you usually host in your meeting room?

How many people will be on each call? Depending on the size of your office and the number of teams attending your conference calls, you may want to ensure that you set up your solution in a large, spacious room. You will also need to consider whether a rectangular or circular table would be best for your space.

Would the meetings held in this room be formal, or informal? This may determine whether you choose to equip your conference room with large, comfortable chairs, or sofas and breakout stools, for example.

You will also need to reflect on how often the room will be used to hold videoconferencing meetings.

Depending on your company’s size, the number of employees who work remotely, and the number of international customers you would need to contact via video calls, you will need to adapt your audio equipment. If you are expecting a lot of employees to be on-site in your meeting room, it is worth investing in an omni-directional microphone that can sit in the centre of the space.

Finally, budget is a vital factor to consider. How much money are you willing to invest in equipping your meeting room?

Enterprise Meeting Room Technology

When considering this, it is worth keeping in mind that you are likely to see a very quick return on investment, as long as you opt for high-quality video, audio and display technology.

What software will you need for your conference room?

Once you have reflected on the points mentioned above, you can start thinking about the software you would like to use. For example, if you are looking to hold brainstorming sessions as part of your collaborative working approach, the Draft application will be a must-have tool to use.

The Ubikey tool is fantastic for visual management, and if you are looking to create visually impactful presentations quickly, then Iolaos software will be perfect. Many of these options are pre-installed on SpeechiTouch Pro enterprise-level screens, but if you want separate programs and software suites, you will need to check whether they are free or paid.

Still feeling lost?

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