How interactive smart whiteboards transform workspaces and business meetings

As companies everywhere go global and adopt remote-working policies as the norm, clear communication and collaborative working often determine whether a business will sink or swim.

Read on to find out how interactive whiteboards can enhance your workspace and business meetings, and become the key to your company’s success.

Interactive whiteboards have proven to be a versatile, practical device in many settings – from school classrooms to corporate board rooms.

By combining the simplicity of a traditional whiteboard with the interactivity of a digital touchscreen, smart whiteboards are a dynamic platform for brainstorming, idea-sharing, and problem-solving. Take productivity and collaboration to the next level by connecting teams across the globe as though they are in the same room.

 interactive smart whiteboards business meetings

Below are just a few of the major advantages that come with embracing this cutting-edge technology.

Increased engagement and participation in meetings

One of the most notable features of interactive smart whiteboards is their ability to engage meeting participants actively, which is especially important in workspaces and business meetings. Speechi interactive whiteboards come with either Full HD or 4K Ultra High Definition displays, depending on which model you pick – so your teams will be captivated by colourful graphics and visually impactful presentations.

By connecting their own devices remotely to your smart whiteboard, users can draw, write and move objects around on the screen using the touch of a fingertip or stylus – so meetings immediately become more immersive and informative. This approach boosts engagement levels for everyone involved, and helps meeting attendees retain the information that is shared with them.

Optimal efficiency and productivity

smart whiteboards & workspace

Interactive whiteboards are fantastic at streamlining workflows and back-and-forth correspondence, since they eliminate the need for transcribing handwritten notes, taking screenshots to look back on later, and taking photos of traditional whiteboards as business meetings progress.

In just a few taps, users can share meeting summaries, action points, annotations and brainstorming sessions with all participants. This means that no idea is missed or left out, and decisions can be made more quickly on the basis of meeting outcomes.

Limitless idea-sharing and creativity

For as long as we can remember, brainstorming and mind-mapping have been used as methods for thinking out of the box and refining ideas, but interactive whiteboards elevate these sessions to the next level.

interactive smart whiteboards & business meetings

The surface of a smart whiteboard can be used as a blank canvas to explore ideas freely in any medium – from drawing diagrams and noting down concepts to adding annotations as virtual post-it notes. Since all of these notes can be saved and shared, meeting participants can refer back to their meeting documents without having to worry about missing any crucial points.

Clear data visualisation

It has already been well-documented that both as children and as adults, each one of us has a set of preferred learning styles – and generally, we all benefit from seeing information presented in a variety of formats. This is especially important in business meetings, where strategic decisions must be made on the basis of customer trends and buyer patterns, for example.

With an interactive whiteboard in your workspace or meeting room, you can enrich your presentations with a range of multimedia elements – from graphs and charts to diagrams and videos. With the ability to explore and add notes to these visual aids, complex information can be made clearly comprehensible to meeting attendees.

Easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces

Since smart whiteboards offer so many features and offer a high degree of versatility, it can be easy to assume that they would be complicated to use – but this is a common misconception.

Speechi interactive whiteboards are based on Android and Windows interfaces, so if you have used a smartphone or computer before, you will already be familiar with how to use one.

With no need to configure or calibrate anything in advance, users can power on their device and get started using it. This means that whether the user is a child or an IT professional, they will quickly learn how to navigate and use the screen.