How interactive smart whiteboards are revolutionising construction, engineering and architecture

The construction, engineering and architectural sectors are known for their fast-paced nature – and in these disciplines, collaborative working is paramount. Learn how interactive whiteboards can transform the way you work as a builder, engineer or architect.

Interactive smart whiteboards have proven to be a driver of success in many sectors – from education to business – and the worlds of construction, engineering and architecture are no exception to this rule.

With so many stakeholders working on a project at once, it is vital for companies to stay ahead of the curve, and embrace innovative technologies that boost efficiency.

Interactive whiteboards are a stellar example of this technology, and they have already proven their ability to enhance productivity, accuracy, and communication. Read on to find out how smart whiteboards will benefit your construction and architecture projects.

Engineering and architecture: The power of interactivity

Engineering and architecture: The power of interactivity

While experts have historically relied on graph paper, brainstorms and architect paper to illustrate their ideas, static drawings on paper have many drawbacks that can be overcome with a smart whiteboard. As construction and architecture firms go global, the ability to share brainstorms, notes, construction diagrams and blueprints is key – and the process of creating scanned copies simply pales in comparison to what interactive whiteboards can do.

Architects, engineers and project managers can now visualise, brainstorm and refine their ideas seamlessly in real-time on a smart whiteboard, and unleash their creativity using state-of-the-art brainstorming software like Draft. Need to review annotations and comments from multiple parties on a concept that has been shared? On a smart whiteboard, all of these elements are collated automatically.

Efficient design and planning

Efficient design and planning

In construction, engineering and architecture, meticulous and aligned planning is the hallmark of a successful project. With the right interactive whiteboard for engineering and construction, architects can say goodbye to the painstaking process of creating and organising multiple iterations of a sketch by hand, or battling with pen, pencil and eraser.

Instead, why not embrace your smart whiteboard as a sketchbook? With zero bonding technology, our SuperGlass 2 screens provide a drawing experience as natural as graphite pencils on graph paper. Want to add a new dimension to your sketches? Use your smart whiteboard to create intricate 3D illustrations and diagrams that you can then turn, move, and manipulate to get a full view of your building plan.

interactive smart whiteboards : Enhanced collaboration

interactive smart whiteboards : Enhanced collaboration

Say goodbye to static presentations, long back-and-forth email threads seeking feedback, and lengthy approval timelines. With an interactive whiteboard, you can connect with all of your stakeholders either in-person or remotely via video calls, and have them participate actively in the design and feedback process. Instead of sending heavyweight files with static blueprint images, why not share a 3-dimensional model that stakeholders can explore in real-time?

This level of engagement means that insights can be shared simultaneously, and minimizes miscommunications – so you can ensure that everyone involved in your project is on the same page.

Seamless integration

In an industry that relies heavily on the use of various tools and software in its workflows, one of the main challenges faced in construction and engineering is ensuring that manual work is aligned with the specifications set by computer programs. With a smart whiteboard for construction, engineering and architecture, you will no longer need to worry about this obstacle.

By picking an Android or Windows interface, you can ensure that your interactive whiteboard integrates seamlessly with all of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) software, CAD programs and project management applications you currently use.

With data flowing freely between all of your platforms, your workflows and productivity will be optimised like never before.