Interactive whiteboards for government organizations

In organizations and government bodies, efficient communication and collaboration are key pillars to success.

Read on to discover the benefits of using smart whiteboards in your government organization.

Enhanced unity and collaboration

Interactive whiteboards have already proven to be game-changers in many organizations – from businesses to school classrooms – and one of the main reasons for this is because they help make people work better together.

Enhanced unity and collaboration

With brainstorming software, powerful videoconferencing features and the ability for meeting attendees to manipulate objects on the screen in real-time, you can work seamlessly with your teams and stakeholders. Action plans and processes have never been so easy to formulate.

Communicate ideas with total clarity

When it comes to decision-making and policy-writing, it is crucial for everyone involved to base their conclusions and actions on facts and figures. With government organizations collaborating internationally and working with remote teams, smart whiteboards are the perfect way to visualize data with clear, colourful and dynamic graphs and charts.

Interactive whiteboards also offer a range of annotation and note-taking tools, so if there are further comments or clarifications to make on a particular project, they can be added by anyone involved.

Communicate ideas with total clarity

Communicate ideas with total clarity for organisation & governement

Want to draw and write your ideas by hand, and free yourself from the confines of text boxes and charts? Harness the benefits of a traditional whiteboard, with the ability to draw and annotate in detail using your fingertip or a stylus. With multiple colours and pen types to choose from on a smart whiteboard, you’ll never have to worry marker pens drying out or running out of ink.

Back up, store and share meeting slides

No matter how productive, captivating or efficient your brainstorming session or meeting may be, there is always the risk of meeting attendees forgetting about the topics covered later on. With interactive whiteboards, this is a problem of the past! Meeting presenters can store and share all their meeting slides with employees, complete with notes and annotations made throughout the course of the meeting.

By using this feature, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page, and no-one misses a detail.

Crystal-clear video and audio

>Crystal-clear video and audio & Interactive whiteboard” />

<p> Of course, for communication to be effective, everyone in your organization’s meeting must be able to see and hear each other properly. Speechi interactive whiteboards are equipped with state-of-the-art webcams and speakers, so everyone attending your government meetings will appear in stunning detail on your screen. As a government organization, do you hold meetings in large conference rooms?</p>

<p> If so, it may be worth investing in one of our standalone webcams, and connecting it to your smart whiteboard. With features like 4K UHD resolution and auto-tracking, meeting participants will be able to see the entire space with lifelike clarity.</p>

<p> Want to make sure everyone’s ideas can be heard? We offer omni-directional microphones that can be placed in the centre of the room – and for presenters, you can also invest in a wireless microphone. </p>

<h2>Not sure where to start? </h2>

<p> With nearly two decades of expertise equipping over 150,000 meeting spaces and classrooms with interactive whiteboard technology, Speechi is here to help.</p>

<p> Get in touch with our team of experts via telephone or email, and you will receive tailor-made advice, support, recommendations and a custom pricing quote.</p>

<p> Also, if you would like to see our products in-person, you are more than welcome to visit our French showrooms in Paris and Lille. Transform your government organization today. </p>
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