Case study : The EPICC sewing school

Interactive display in the field of education


A Speechi Interactive display at the EPICC sewing school





The EPICC sewing school in Roubaix trains young people aged 15 to 18 in industrial textile manufacturing. During their two years of training, students divide their learning time between the sewing workshop and the training room. EPICC was keen to respond to its students’ desire to learn by doing, so it was looking for an innovative, modern solution that would enable its trainers to deliver general lessons in the most participative, least lectured way possible.

Speechi interactive touchscreen at EPICC sewing school


  • Finding an innovative classroom panel for general education.
  • Providing a presentation solution for board meetings and meetings with the school’s partners.
Teaching with a Speechi Interactive display and document camera at the EPICC sewing school

Speechi’s solutions

  • A Speechi InfraRed interactive display
  • A SpeechiCam 7 document camera
  • A Speechi videoconferencing camera
A Speechi interactive display for teaching, learning and sharing

Uses of the screen

  • Using the Note whiteboard application to teach
  • PC screen sharing on the interactive display
  • Viewing and displaying of Drive documents on the interactive display
  • Video-conferencing on screen
Display Drive documents on the Speechi interactive screen


  • General courses which, thanks to the interactive display, place participation and practice at the heart of even theoretical learning.
  • Work meetings made easier with an interactive display that frees participants from certain material constraints and simplifies document sharing.

Watch a testimonial from the director at EPICC

“We launched the school in October with just a workshop and a training room covering 200m². Next year, we’ll be expanding to 600m² with a 2nd training room and a bigger workshop. I’m hoping to buy a 2nd Speechi screen to equip the 2nd training room.”