A giant workspace to work together

Create, captivate and collaborate wherever you are
The interactive screen can be connected to multiple devices to facilitate presentation and collaboration
The use of the interactive screen improves communication between team members

Brainstorm limitlessly

Think of the interactive screen as an infinite surface that will bring your ideas and projects to life. Write down and conceptualise all your ideas and add any diagrams you want. Collect them together in one place on an endless whiteboard and organise them to get a clear, decision-ready overview.

Design together

Let your imagination run wild and inspire others by interacting with them on-screen. Increase the creative potential by exchanging and suggesting ideas in turn, and thus the chances of finding the best solution.

Share your work

At the end of your brainstorming session, share your board with each of the people involved. You can come back to it at any time to change, narrow down and question each of the ideas on the table until you agree and come up with a new project.

Present to an audience and captivate them

Got a client meeting, team meeting or kick-off meeting? Present on a giant interactive screen, in a simple, fast and above all dynamic way, so you can better hold participants attention and persuade them. Annotate your materials, import files (images, videos, documents, etc.) and enrich the content as you go along for a remarkable presentation.

Prepare your meeting

Create your presentation on a PC or directly on an interactive screen, via your usual software or via dedicated applications. Integrate documents, images or videos to make your presentation interactive and memorable. Save your work to the cloud and find it on the interactive screen in your meeting room.

Keep in touch

At the end of the meeting, make sure your audience has all the key elements and information they need to get back in contact with you. Share your presentation materials in a simple way, linking your brand to your products and services, so you can keep in touch and direct your customer to your solutions.

Participants can easily annotate and edit the content displayed on the interactive screen
Interactive screen for more interactive virtual exchanges

Collaborate effectively and remotely

Distance isn’t a barrier to collaboration, quite the opposite. Video conferencing solutions with the right tools allow you to communicate and collaborate effectively with your employees or customers around the world. Share your screen with your remote audience and interact like a traditional meeting, with participants collaborating in real time.

Record your videoconference session

Record your remote meeting on video to share the content offline with those who couldn’t make it. What if the content of your meeting is aimed at training or demonstration of your products and services? All the more reason to record your videoconference session on video, so that it can be rewatched and reused later.

Share and continue the collaboration effort

At the end of your remote meeting, make sure you save the changes you have made and share the content presented, so that everyone can access the information and get back to you. If it’s a team effort, your collaborators will be able to continue the work they started with all the information at their disposal, for increased efficiency.

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