Video Conferencing Camera

Easy video conferencing
for your courses
and meetings

  • Full HD resolution (1080px)
  • 85° viewing angle
  • Microphones (at 4m)
  • Plug & Play USB connection
  • Mounting clip

Versatile camera

A video conferencing camera for everyone

Collaborate remotely

Conduct remote meetings with ease, regardless of the nature of your meeting space. The MG-104 is an efficient camera! Clip on, plug in, and your camera is ready for your video conferences, even when convened at short notice.

Teach remotely

Whether you’re experimenting with hybrid classrooms or running distance learning sessions, the MG-104 camera is a great addition to any classroom because of its performance, ease of use and simple set-up.


SPE-MG-104 Video Conferencing Camera

Mobile camera

Communicate remotely anywhere

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Need to move around?

Small and lightweight, the MG-104 video conferencing camera can be carried in a bag and taken with you wherever you go.

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A sturdy camera

Install it on your laptop screen or else on an interactive touch screen. The MG-104 camera is very practical, thanks to its clamp.

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USB connection

All this small video conferencing camera requires for power and operation is a USB connection.

Quality sound & video

High performance, small size

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  • Clear sound with noise and echo suppression
  • An omnidirectional microphone with a pick-up distance of 3 metres
  • Smooth delivery thanks to multiple compression formats (H.264, MJPEG, YUY2, NV12)
  • Good image fluidity (30fps)
  • Automatic image correction
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  • No need to plough through user manuals or browse user forums to understand how this camera works.

No installation or other input from you is needed; the MG-104 video conferencing camera is plug-and-play.

Multi-compatible camera

Select your videoconferencing


The Zoom-certified, MG-104 camera is compatible with all popular video conferencing platforms.
Start your remote course or meeting on Zoom, Teams, Skype, Hangouts and others,
on any operating system (Windows, Android, Mac).

Interactive display

Simplify your remote meetings

For an enhanced videoconferencing experience, combine the SPE-MG-104 with a SpeechiTouch interactive display
to give the speaker a digital presentation medium that allows them
to share their presentation and notes with people at a distance.

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