Remote teaching with an interactive display

Remote teaching with an interactive display

One of the new challenges facing schools is distance learning. Thanks to the availability of technologies such as interactive displays, distance learning is increasingly seen as an option, and even a solution, for situations where it is impossible to bring teachers and students together.

What is distance teaching? Distance teaching is the practice of teaching without teachers and students being in the same physical location. In this type of teaching, where digital presence replaces physical presence, there are several degrees and several temporalities.

What is remote teaching with an interactive touchscreen?

Distance teaching consists of an online course with a teacher and students, all at a distance.

  • This teaching method, previously reserved for private tuition, has been extended to adults returning to study, so that they can take classes at home while continuing to lead a normal working life.
  • Distance teaching has since been democratised, even imposed, in primary, middle and high schools for as long as the various waves of confinement lasted.

Hybrid teaching, on the other hand, offers an alternative halfway between classroom teaching and online teaching, with a teacher delivering a course to students partly face-to-face and partly remotely.

  • This teaching scenario is increasingly envisaged for students, whose numbers exceed the capacity of existing infrastructures.
  • On the other hand, it is possible to imagine an entire class being taught face-to-face by a remote teacher, as can happen at university, when renowned speakers or specialists are called in for whom it would be particularly constraining to travel to the site.
Hybrid teaching with an interactive touchscreen for school

Synchronous vs. asynchronous teaching

  • In synchronous distance teaching, the class meets by videoconference and the teacher gives the lesson live to the students.
  • In asynchronous distance teaching, on the other hand, the lesson is recorded and the students watch it offline, usually from a dedicated platform.

Interactive Display

The advantages of distance teaching with an interactive display


Ensure maximum teaching comfort (sound, video, WiFi).

Maintain an educational link by facilitating remote interaction.

Keep students motivated with tools adapted to online courses.

Keep a record of the course by recording everything that happens on screen.

Send your class the course board in PDF format at the end of the course.

The advantages of remote teaching with an interactive display

Connected classroom

Configure your classroom for remote teaching

The SpeechiTouch Interactive Display

Greater working comfort

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