Case study: Orano, a giant of the energy sector





In view of the difficulties faced by the business unit responsible for transport when it came to assembling teams at the same site for each meeting, the head of the digital transformation programme for the Orano group (formerly Areva) set out to find a solution which would allow them to hold visual management meetings remotely. After choosing a software solution, all that was missing was a suitable touch-enabled interactive display.

A Speechi interactive display at Orano


  • Taking Orano’s meeting rooms and management tools virtual.
  • Bringing together teams who sometimes work remotely either face-to-face or virtually via a shared digital tool.
Introduction of videoconferencing on Speechi interactive screens at Orano

Speechi’s solutions

  • An 86″ interactive SpeechiTouch screen with 4K resolution.
  • A Windows 10 PC in OPS format, invisibly embedded into the screen.
Speechi interactive touchscreens at Orano

Uses of the screen

  • Displaying Orano’s visual management software, which each team uses to plan out its priorities for the year.
  • Working with software inspired by the Kanban method to visualise each team’s work, as well as the scope and progression of projects.
Remote visual management meetings on Speechi interactive displays


  • More participation in meetings and improved team productivity
  • Easy-to-read displays thanks to a large screen size and 4K resolution.
  • A digital solution that offers greater convenience while saving time.

Watch a testimonial from Orano’s digital transformation director.

“The simple fact that we’re all now facing the same direction and no longer sat around a table each looking at the screen of our own PC has improved participation in meetings. Basically, our productivity while working as team has improved.”

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