Case Study: The ENSAP architecture school




“Speechi’s interactive screens provide added options to instructors that enhance their face-to-face lessons by facilitating interaction with different digital media, with the Internet, and with existing tools in use at the school, but above all they generate interactivity.”


ENSAP is a higher education establishment qwith between 800 and 850 students which offers two courses, architecture and landscape, which are taught together right from the 1st year. The school was looking to adopt a digital implementation strategy in order to update its teaching practices and, more specifically, to diversify its teaching methods by offering remote and hybrid courses.

Speechi interactive displays in a school of architecture


  • Providing tools to implement remote learning.
  • Ensuring tools can be shared between different classrooms.
The ENSAP architecture school case study

Speechi’s solutions

  • A fleet of Capacitive interactive screens.
  • Compact cameras mounted above the screens.
  • Rolling stands with an electric height adjustment feature.
An interactive display for universities

Uses of the screen

  • Providing a platform for professors and students to present on.
  • Allowing some jury members to attend virtually when students defend their dissertations.
Remote jury for student defense with interactive display


  • Visual comfort.
  • Face-to-face courses are enriched by increased interactivity.
  • Increased flexibility in terms of course formats thanks to videoconferencing.

Watch a testimonial from
the academic director at ENSAP

“The screens have become fully ingrained in the daily routines of our instructors and students, and they are now asking to use these tools.”

“They don’t ask us for projectors any more, they inevitably ask us for a Speechi interactive screen: the name, the brand, and the tool are all firmly integrated and meet our daily needs.”

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