Speechi at the ISE international trade fair in Barcelona, 3rd edition

For the 3rd year running, Speechi took part in the famous ISE international trade fair in Barcelona to meet its future international resellers. To find out about all our future events in France and abroad and to come and meet us, we invite you to follow our LinkedIn page.

Videoconferencing, brainstorming and teaching in the spotlight on our stand with our Speechi interactive displays

During the 4 days of the show, we gave visitors a demonstration of our three ranges of interactive screens designed to equip both meeting rooms and classrooms: the InfraRed, the SuperGlass+ S and the SuperGlass 3.

the 3 ranges of interactive screens presented by Speechi at ISE 2024 in Barcelona

Watch video extracts of our sales representatives’ demos

The exhibition film crew visited our stand and asked two members of our sales team to present two key features of our touchscreens. They chose the videoconferencing interface, which lets you launch any videoconference from the screen with a single click, and also PiP, or Picture-in-Picture, which lets you display an Android source and a PC source simultaneously on the screen.

The demos were made in English and Spanish, because in our sales team you’ll find people who speak your language: in French of course, but also in English, Spanish and soon in German.

Find out more about our videoconferencing interface on the SuperGlass+ S interactive screen from Arnaud Duvert, our International sales manager…

… but also Picture-in-Picture on our SuperGlass 3 interactive screen.

The same presentation of Picture-in-Picture on our SuperGlass 3 interactive screen, but this time in Spanish by our sales representative, Iñigo De la Calle.

Our stand for 2025 is already booked. So see you next year in Barcelona for our 4th show!
And look out for us in our showrooms in Lille and Paris for the rest of the year.