Choosing the best digital whiteboard for classrooms, school and education

The more we learn about effective learning methods and the psychology behind them, the clearer it is that digital whiteboards have an important role to play.

Educational technology, also known in the industry as EdTech, has revolutionised schools and educational institutions everywhere.

Traditional classrooms are quickly turning into creative, dynamic learning environments – and digital whiteboards have taken centre stage in this shift. With a myriad of benefits ranging from better accessibility to increased engagement from pupils, it’s easy to see why digital whiteboards have become a staple in modern education.

Why to use the best digital whiteboards in classrooms and school


Better interactivity and engagement. Digital whiteboards foster engagement in pupils through their interactive capabilities. Teachers can use their smart whiteboards to display informative, eye-catching multimedia content, videos and presentations – so pupils can grasp complex concepts through visual aids.

With the ability to touch, move, draw and manipulate elements on the digital whiteboard, learning is turned into a fun experience. Do a side-by-side comparison of digital whiteboards versus traditional whiteboards and textbooks, and it’s easy to see why conventional teaching methods simply pale in comparison.

Improved accessibility. For children with mental or physical disabilities, digital whiteboards are an all-round gamechanger. For example, pupils with dyslexia or dyspraxia will find it much easier to read information on a digital whiteboard compared to its traditional counterpart. With the ability to display information as graphs, diagrams and pictures, dyslexic pupils can also retain what they are taught more easily.

Pupils with physical disabilities also benefit massively from this technology. With the option of interacting with your digital whiteboard remotely from their own tablet or laptop, they do not have to approach the front of the classroom in their wheelchair to get involved.

Gamification. It is no secret that children learn most effectively through play – and with the number of fun learning games that are available online, your pupils will quickly pick up fundamental skills. For example, instead of getting a classroom full of children to recite numbers and write them in their exercise books, why not teach them to count and memorise numbers with a counting game?

Websites like Twinkl are a fantastic resource when it comes to educational games for children of all ages.

Factors to consider when choosing the best digital whiteboard for your classroom, school or educational environment

Factors to consider when choosing the best digital whiteboard for your classroom, school or educational environment

The size of your classroom. With this in mind, you should be able to narrow down your options by screen-size. Your digital whiteboard display should be large enough for all of your pupils to see clearly, but not so large that it dwarfs the school classroom. For a standard sized classroom, which is approximately 6 metres in depth, we would recommend a 75” digital whiteboard.

The age of your students. This will also determine the screen size you select, because younger pupils cannot use larger digital whiteboards properly.

For example, even if a nursery room is large and capable of accommodating an 86” smart whiteboard, it does not serve its purpose properly if nursery-aged children cannot reach parts of it.

The educational software you want to use. With so many free and paid EdTech tools to choose from, you will be sure to find options that fit your intended use-case. Many digital whiteboard models from Speechi come with pre-installed software to help both teachers and students.

For example, Iolaos is a fantastic application for creating impactful presentations aimed at school classrooms – and when it comes to collaborative brainstorming projects, Draft is perfect for idea-sharing.

The durability of your digital display. In an environment full of children, it is wise to opt for an interactive whiteboard that can withstand bumps and knocks.

Speechi whiteboards are built to last, with aluminium components that make them both durable and lightweight.

It is worth thinking carefully about which screen support to pick, too. In some instances, a free-standing mount may be best, while with larger digital whiteboard models, a wall support is more advisable.

Need help identifying the best digital whiteboard for your classroom or school? Contact us today.

Need help identifying the best digital whiteboard for your classroom or school?

With so many options on the market, choosing the best digital whiteboard for your classroom or school is always a tricky task – but at Speechi, we work hard to ensure that every one of our customers gets exactly the setup they need.

Get in touch with us today via telephone or email to get expert advice, recommendations, and a custom pricing quote for your digital whiteboard.